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(Finished Event) 4th Feb 2018 Mizuhiki Chinese Yew Year Decoration Class by Aya Nomura

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

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Event name: Mizuhiki Chinese Yew Year Decoration Class by Aya Nomura, Isetan The Japan Store KL

Contact: (For Reservation)

TEL: +603-2141 7777


Isetan The Japan Store KL, 3F CUBE 5 (Tatami Room)

1:30 PM to 3:30 PM

TEL: +603-2141 7777


Avialable at Lot 10.

My remark:

Exciting to let yu know I will have a Class at 3F THE CUBE, CUBE 5 Isetan the Japan Store. At the Tatami Room in Isetan! Lets' handmade a Chinese New Year Decoration with Japan Origami paper to celebrate the coming up Lunar New Year 2018. It will be something new to decorate in your house or office or become an unique present.

PAX : 6 (Maximum) FEE : RM 68 (Reservation requested in advance)

You will learn how to fold the 2 crane with Origami paper and to bond and twist the Mizuhiki. Also, some cutting works. After done, you can bring the New Style Japanese decoration to celebrate Lunar Chinese New Year 2018! Waiting for you!

Belwo for your info:

Contact for inquiry

E & A WORKs & Tabiniko  「Facebook : E & A WORKs」

TEL : 016-202-2871 (Japanese OK), 012-342-2022 (Japanese&English&Chinese&Cantonese OK)

Email : 

Selling Mizuhiki(Japanese item) accessory etc. Therefore, please feel free to contact us.


E & A WORKs & タビニコ(Tabiniko)  「Facebook : E & A WORKs」 

TEL : 016-202-2871(日本語)マレーシア国内, 012-342-2022(日本語&英語)マレーシア国内 Email :

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