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Malaysian Uyuni salt lake Sky Mirror (スカイミラー) at SASARAN. New attraction One day trip from KL

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

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Sky mirror booking! For foreigner adult is from RM120

We are introducing the only licensed agent for the Sky Mirror. We receiving many bookings from the Japanese traveler and also the Japanese who longstay, MM2H guest in Malaysia. For foreigner adult is from RM120, Child is from RM100. Any booking or inquiries, please feel free to contract Tabiniko for below contact info. Japanese verson

Recommend sightseeing hot spot in the suburb of Kuala Lumpur

Good day!

Hi, I am Aya, a Japanese and married local Chinese Malaysian guy and got really tanned at Sky Mirror where a place that getting popular recently in Malaysia!

I would like to introduce you a New hot spot for visit. It call Sky Mirror, located at the northwest direction and take approximately 1 and haft hour from Kuala Lumpur City Center. It located at a place call Sasaran in Kuala Selangor area. It’s a place like Uyuni salt lake! I live surrounding KL and excited to know and find a place that can have a special experience such as nearby! If planning to go Uyuni salt lake in Bolivia, its surely high expenses and long distance but if go here, Sasaran, Malaysia Sky Mirror, then reasonable and convenience! Wonderful. Its just 1.5 Hour from KL and nearby. Simple and day trip is enough.

Wow, just like a mirror reflection! Feeling good!

For man, you need a short pant; for girl, you need a spat under the skirt or clothes that allow you to jump and move smoothly. Recommend you choose the colorful or warm color to make your photo shooting sharp effect and looks difference. Sky mirror agent will help to prepare tool for shooting like umbrella, board and variety small object.

Here is the entrance of the Jetty. You can find the BIG sign board as an icon. Just follow the WAVE and you will find the way. Hoops, I and my friend were enjoying a harmless high.

For safety, of course need to put on the life jacket before departure from the boat. Its take about 40 mins to the Sky Mirror beach. Here to let you know the boat will jumping up and down like turbulence! Just some time only, for the child below 5 years old think not so recommend, just my opinion. For the child above 5 years old need the company with adult.

Wow, here we are at the Sky Mirror beach! When I just arrived, water level at my ankle but after that water become lesser and able to see the reflection like mirror. Finally, you can find a BIG beach in the middle of the sea. Just a wonderful 360 panoramic view! Most at all, was very crowded! Suggest you come with your family, couple or even a group of your friend to enjoy the photo shooting together to create a sweet memory together.

Not only the local people but also a bunch of foreginer tourist like from China, visitng this hot spot. During my visit was the period of lunar chiese new year, that’s why even its week day and still very packed of people. It still a hidden gem and worth to visit.

So, how to take the best shoot for the water of surface reflection? Please check the above photo, the right side and full of many umbrellas part, the stuff need to lie down and like retreat inside the setting to take photo. Those umbrellas and boxes are to block the wind to make sure to remain the surface good. That’s how they take the prefect pieces of photo.

After Sky mirror, see how they dry the umbrella with such unique way. Here you also can take photo for your Instagram or facebook! Such a wonderful trip!


・Definitely sun block is a MUST! There is no way to keep you out of the sun in the middle of the sea. Sun glasses, cap, sunblock, those are the necessary item for this trip Also, please be careful your cap will be blown away while you are jumping for the photo shooting. Another importance thing is you need to apply the sunblock frequently, otherwise, you will really get tanned. My skin even peeling, It’s the first time my skin peeling like crazy as growing-up.

・Staff will help you to take photo by their hand phone. Later, they also will help to edit some photo and send you a link by email to download those photos, what a good service! Or you can bring USB to save the photo at counter. Please take note that even you bring your own camera, staff will not help to take photo with it.

・Transport for boat, insurances, shooting (by staff handphone only), light snack are inclusive.

・There are shower room and toilet at Jetty. Means after the trip, you can enjoy shower there and use the hair dry. Its so good can clean up after the trip from sea side because hair will be very dry. FRESH when going back home!

For foreigner is RM120.(The latest rate from APR 2018.However subject to be charged without notification)

Please kindly take notes the on the spot only available for English, Mandarin.

Due to the condition of full booking recently, it may happen from now to 1 month onwards, please make inquiry ASAP . Especially for weekend (SAT & SUN), for those wish to book for SAT & SUN, strongly recommend you to take action now.

If the boat haven't departure from the Jetty and raining,Sky mirror will be canceled. The payment for Sky Mirror will be refunded Or available to keep the payment for next round.

However, if the boat departure from the jetty, then the Sky Mirror payment unable for refund. Appreciated for your understanding.

Please advise how many person and if with children, please also advise the children age when send inquiry. Furthermore, please do not choose the day that you need to rush for flight.

Sky Mirror Sales point

[Mirror of the sea] + [Shooting session in the middle of sea] + [Nearby KL and day trip OK]

Contact for inquiry

Click here for reservations and inquiries → Tabiniko

TEL : 016-202-2871 (Japanese OK), 012-342-2022 (Japanese&English&Chinese&Cantonese OK)

Email : 

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