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【マレーシア 観光 旅行 ブログ Blog】(Shop Info) Like Mee Noodle House 赞麵館豬肉粉 at Subang Jaya One City update OCT 20

【マレーシア 観光 旅行ブログ Blog】スカイミラー


Shop name:

Like Mee Noodle House 赞麵館


Phone: +603 80215368


B.09.GF, Garden Shoppe @ One City, Jalan USJ 25/1A, One City, Subang Jaya, Selangor 47650

Operating Hour:

9:30am – 9pm


One City parking lot or shoplot surrounding parking outside.

My remark:

To be honestly, I seldom go to PJ (Petaling Jaya) area or Subang Jaya area, the west side of Kuala Lumpur city. Talking about noodle shop in Malaysia, maybe you know [GO Noodle]. This shop is just like [GO Noodle] but this shop more focus on [pork] as you can find it from its shop name call : Like Mee Noodle House 赞麵館豬肉粉. Yes, their pork noodle is perfect Oishi! Also the pork ball also incredible yummy that I couldn't find it even in Japan. Guest what? There is another pork ball inside the pork ball! WoW! Please check the price from their menu. Its about RM10 to RM13 for a bowl of noodle. Next time maybe I would like to try the White pepper stomach soup. We only ordered pork noodle all in one for original soup and spicy respectively. Furthermore, one for bursting meatball soup. It was really full. [Like Mee Noodle House 赞麵館豬肉粉] has other branches, like at Kota Damansara, Puchong Jaya.

Like Mee Noodle House @ Puchong Jaya

38, Jalan PJU 5/9, Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

03-6150 1268

Like Mee Noodle House @ Puchong Jaya

9, Jalan Kenari 8, Bandar Puchong Jaya, 47100 Puchong, Selangor

03-8074 7621

BTW, the branches that I went to was at One City. One City is an area that quite new (maybe 4year?) and I think not consider a mall. Its a commercial district that with some restaurant, office, shop and even a hotel. O, on top of this One City, there are quite many nice restaurant to enjoy alcohol. If I have the photo will upload accordingly.


大人気!マレーシア スカイミラー (Sky Mirror) の予約、お問い合わせも受付中

TABINIKO (予約、お問合せはこちら!)「Facebook : E & A WORKs」 

TEL : 016-202-2871(日本語)マレーシア国内, 012-342-2022(日本語&英語&中国語&広東語&マレー語)マレーシア国内 


その他、イベントでの水引や折り紙のワークショップや日本のディスプレイ、ISETAN The Japan Storeにて水引教室、水引きアクセサリー販売なども行っております。 お気軽にお問合せ下さいませ。

Contact inquiry, booking for residence type hotel, unique stay

Inquiry, booking for Sky Mirror

TABINIKO(Inquiry from here)「Facebook : E & A WORKs」

TEL : 016-202-2871 (Japanese OK), 012-342-2022 (Japanese&English&Chinese&Cantonese OK)

Email : 

Selling Mizuhiki(Japanese item) accessory etc. Therefore, please feel free to contact us.

マレーシアのスカイミラー(Sasaran at Kuala Selangor)の予約も承っております。「大人気!」

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