The Agile Embassy Garden (ザ アジャイル エンバシー ガーデン) 【TABINIKO Malaysia Property Tour 】No3

Updated: Aug 11

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Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia: Invest a condominium at prime location Embassy Row?

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Malaysia is still in the rush to build new condominiums. Are you focusing only on the timing of your investment? There is a timing that also importance when a good property coming out, right? This time, it's the "good timing" when "good properties" coming out, so I would like to introduce The Agile Embassy Garden! From now on, We will keep introduce Malaysian real estate under the title of "TABINIKO Malaysia Property Tour" and also conduct real estate tours. During the tour, we will discuss and the Local Real Estate Company Sales or a professional Real Estate Agent will assist you for each question. Jom! (Meaning to go in Malay) Let's go see the actual situation of Malaysian properties!

■「1.Sales Gallery」:February 2020

「Property Location + Station & Building information」:

The Agile Embassy Garden Mansion is about 5 minutes drive from Malaysia's symbol Twin Towers (KLCC) and about 15 minutes on foot. Along with the world-famous brand hotels Four Seasons Hotel, W Hotel, Ritz Carlton Residence, etc., it is truly a "brand address". What's more, the area also known as Embassy Row, is surrounded by embassies from 53 countries. It is said that security is relatively safe due to the concentration of expatriates from abroad. Its great location indeed!

It is about a 5-minute walk (250m) to the nearest LRT AMPANG PARK station. Very convenient. Moreover, MRT Line 2, which is a railway project in Kuala Lumpur, is under construction, and MRT2 AMPANG PARK station will be built. By the way, it takes only one station from LRT AMPANG PARK station to KLCC (twin tower) station, and it takes only a few minutes. By using this LRT AMPANG PARK station, you can reach to Majlis Jamek, Pasar Seni and KL Central stations. Once the MRT2 AMPANG PARK station is built, it can reach Conlay (Bukit Bintang) station, Tun Razak Exchange station, Bandar Malaysia (planned Shinkansen construction) station, Putrajaya & Cyberjaya etc in one line. The location is perfect as it will connect to 72 stations with 2 stations of LRT + MRT!

The Agile Embassy Garden has towers A, B and C. Tower A is scheduled to be completed in the latter half of 2024, Tower B is scheduled to be completed in March 2025, and Tower C is scheduled to be completed in August 2025. There are 1296 units in 3 towers, property ownership: Free Hold (permanent ownership).

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Developer Real Estate Company」:

Agile Group is a real estate company (Stock Code 3383) listed in Hong Kong in 2005. Over 200 projects have been completed so far, such as Marriott (Shanghai), Raffles (Hainan), Sheraton (HuiZhou), Jumeirah (Sanya). In Malaysia, there are Agile Mont Kiara and Agile Bukit Bintang. TABINIKO also introducing Agile Bukit Bintang。→Click Blog

5 Reasons for Why Buy & Invest The Agile Embassy Garden Condos:

[Reason 1]

Located at the same boulevard as Malaysia's symbol Twin Towers (KLCC), it has a world-renowned address: Same street as KLCC with Citibank HQ, SoSofitel, Four Seasons Hotel, W Hotel, Ritz Carlton Residence = 1st class location, The Agile Embassy Garden is located at same area, you can tell its a value condo.

[Reason 2]

LRT directly connected to KLCC & new MRT2 in 2021 is only about 4 minutes walk, connecting 72 stations with 2 stations:

About 250m walk to LRT AMPANG PARK station. A new MRT line 2 to be built in 2021 is under construction, and MRT2 AMPANG PARK station will be built. From here you can reach the other 72 stations.

[Reason 3]

You can easily walk to malls, restaurants and supermarkets. Living amenities are available:

Linc Mall is next door and about 30m on foot. There are fine restaurants, various restaurants, and a supermarket with B.I.G (with Japanese ingredients). There is another mall across the road called the Intermark mall, which also has more than 80 shops and restaurants. By the way, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation of Malaysia is here.

[Reason 4]

First-class design:

A condo designed by Singapore's world's largest and prestigious DP Architects. The world's largest mall → Dubai Mall, Singapore's comprehensive arts and cultural facility → Esplanade --Theatres on the Bay are also designed by DP Architects.

[Reason 5]

Now full of discount benefits:

1 + 1 room + 1 parking lot in about 51㎡, 9 + 5% rebate for RM980,000. It's a great deal even in the Twin Tower area. Unusually not less than RM1 million! Approximately 65㎡ and 2 rooms are RM1.23 million. This location is easy to rent out and you can expect it to increase in value.

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■「2.Furnished condominium」

Room type:

(A) ELITE SUITE エリート スイート:

Type A 1+1bedroom ---- 554 sqft(約51.4㎡)

Type B 2bedroom ---- 710 sqft(約65.9㎡)

Type C1 2+1bedroom ---- 853 sqft(約79.2㎡)

(B) LUXE SUITE ラックス スイート:(Dual-Key One entrance and two entrances)

Type C2 2bedroom ---- 837 sqft(約77.7㎡)

Type D 3bedroom ---- 1005 sqft(約93.3㎡)

下記、「Type B 2bedroom」と「Type C2 2bedroom」を紹介します。

「Type B 2bedroom 710sqft(約65.9㎡)」:

A type is the kitchen and dining are combined. Recommended size for investment.

It will be sale with basic electrical appliances and furniture attached (need to be confirmed at site). Tableware, lights and some furniture are only for decorations and are not included. Impression that it is easy to use in a compact kitchen.

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Daylighting is good with large windows. The interior of the showroom is fashionable. I just can't stop to think about what kind of furniture to arrange and how to lay it out if I get this property (Lol).

Master bedroom.

「Type C2 2bedroom ---- 837 sqft(約77.7㎡)」:

Dual-Key is a type that has one entrance, two units and can be divided into completely independent units. The triangular mark in the photo is the entrance, and when you enter, there are doors that can be locked on the right and left respectively. In short, it will be a large 1LDK and 1 room studio. Both have a kitchen, of course. If you are investment oriented, the larger 1LDK is for own stay and the one-room studio is for rent. The point to note is that the one-room studio does not have a door originally, so you may install it yourself, so please check on site.

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LUXE SUITE The Dual-Key type of the Lux Suite is "Type D 3 bedrooms ---- 1005 sqft (approx. 77.7㎡)" in addition to the above "Type C2 2 bedrooms ---- 837 sqft (approx. 77.7㎡)". 93.3㎡) ”is also available. If you want to live in a larger room, it's a 3 bedroom!

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10 Reasons to Invest in The Agile Embassy Garden(ザ アジャイル エンバシー ガーデン):