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Rental (short term & long term)


My name is Erik from Tabiniko Properties. I am a local Chinese Malaysian, lived in Japan for 15 years and worked in sales for a Japanese company for about 8 years, returned to Malaysia with my Japanese wife in 2015, worked for Rakuten Travel Malaysia for about 4 years, and after retiring, I became a REN tag real estate agent and am currently working in Malaysia to sell New condo and Subsale properties (second hand condo)/renting in Malaysia. I am available to serve Japanese customers in Japanese. We mainly sell and rent to expatriates, MM2H, and parents and children studying abroad.

TABINIKO's 3 strong points:

We are able to customize our services on a case-by-case basis. We can customize our services on a case-by-case basis. We can provide car service, shopping, interpretation service to accompany your children to school, or viewing of rental properties prior to your trip to Malaysia, etc., depending on the situation and time.

[Language convenience: Japanese, English, Chinese, Cantonese, basic Malay]:
Malaysia is home to three major ethnic groups, and each person has his or her own language, so we can adapt our services to suit each person's language needs.

[Diversity of Choice]:
I am a local Malaysians, so we have a local network.
As a local Malaysian, my strength is that I have a wide local network. I will find the right property for you in Kuala Lumpur and other foreigner who are going to come to Malaysia. I will expand the services that can support you.

The up-front cost you will spend when you sign a contract.

We show an actual example below:

<Rent paid + Deposit + Contract fee>>.

Rental period is 1 year:
-1 month rental: RM2,900/month
(This is for the first month rental)
-2 months deposit: RM5,800 (refundable)
-0.5 month Ultilities (water, electricity) deposit: RM1,450 (refundable)
-2 Access Card Deposit: RM200 (refundable)
-2 Contract Stamping Fee and Commission: RM725

[Refundable OK means when you move out, if the room is in good condition, it is refundable, otherwise it will be deducted from there].

Total Payment:
= RM11,075


-First month's rental,
-2 months deposit
-0.5 month deposit for Ultilities (water, electricity)

The above Three are fairly standard.
Rarely, some owners require a one-month Ultilities (water, electricity) deposit.

-Access card deposit

Approximately RM90-RM200 per access card.
(Its depends on condo and owner)

- Contract Stamping
Contract Stamping Fee and Commission

The Stamping Fee and Commission will vary depending on the rental cost and the length of rental period.
Charges also vary depending on the real estate agency.


There are two types of payment options for the initial fee.

1 Pay the full amount directly to the agent company
 (The agent company then remits the owner's portion to the owner)


2 First, the agent company's portion is paid to the agent company,
 Then, before moving in, the owner's portion is paid to the owner.
 (Two payments, two payees)

Most owners prefer 2, because the timing of getting the money is quicker. Most of the time, the process will be 2. Please keep in mind (that it will be 2).


「What's the earliest I can move in?」

After decide a unit for rental property, you should have about 2 weeks of "working days" to work on it, because you have to "a) Tenant proceed payment" & "b) Draw up the contract" & "C) sign the contract on both parties". a, b, and c all will take some time. Will be arranged to sign the original contract with paper, therefore need time to arrange time with owner and tenant to sign. If we try best to work out, maybe able to complete process in a week, but only if various tasks been very well and quickly done.


About short-term contracts such as 1-3 months:

Short-term contracts are also available. Will be limited units. Please contact us for more details.

Regarding viewings:.

Ideally, you should preview the apartment this month and move in the following month.
(Owners do not like it if the move-in date is too far away from the viewing date.)
Therefore, it is advisable to set your move in date with some consideration for the time that you will be entering the apartment.

About WiFi:

Most of the time, tenants arrange their own WiFi. There are some very rare cases where there are WiFi because of the unit were airbnb properties, but please be aware that it is very rare.
If you decide a unit with us, we will provide you with the initial WiFi registration service free of charge. It saves you the trouble of going to the provider's store and going through the process. I will not be there on the day of the WiFi installation, but will communicate via message.
(Tell us which provider, which plan (I'll send you more details) and I'll register with the internet company, then the tenant [pays online], pick an installation date, and wait for the vendor to arrive.)

The above [pay online] requires a credit card.

After choosing the installation date, the contractor comes to the house to install.

If the unit came with WiFi originally, you don't need to do all of the above.
(Few properties may come with Wifi).

About water purifiers:

Water purifiers are not included in rental properties in Malaysia.
There may be a very rare case that a water purifier is included in a rental apartment, but please be aware that it is almost impossible to find such an apartment.

Regarding the date of rent payment:

For example: Move-in is on the 12th.

Since the move-in date is the 12th, the rent is due on: the 12th of each month.
But there is a grace period, 7 days at most. In this case, 12 + 7 = 19 days at the latest.

Your move-in date + 7 days = the date of maximum arrears.

Basic: Rent is due on: the 12th of each month. 
Arrears: If you are in arrears, you have until the 19th of the month. After 19 days, it means that the owner may take [legal action].
[Legal Action]: issue a formal warning letter + others, etc. 

Do not delay and please pay rantal by the payment due date.

About the deposit:

If there is no problem, it will be refunded. But there is usually something.

Before returning the room, the air conditioner needs to be cleaned and inspected, and the curtains need to be washed.
If the tenant does not know the contractor, the owner may help to to call the aircon contractor. In that case, it will be deducted from the deposit.

In addition to water charges, there is a separate charge for sewerage, which is called Indah Water.
It is called Indah Water. It is a kind of water bill, so tenants need to pay it.
The bill is sent out twice a year, every six months, so it is difficult for both the tenant and the owner to track it.
So the owner pays first. Then it is deducted from the deposit.
(Sewerage, about RM100-RM200 per year, depends on the apartment)

About the contract period:
Most apartments have one-year or two-year contracts.

If the contract is for one year, it is also called "1+1 contract".

"1" means you rent for 1 year.
"+1" means you rent for one year, and will consider whether you want to continue renting for a second year. Here, there is a possibility of price increase in the second year.

If the contract is for 2 years, you can keep the same amount of rent for 2 years.


 Star Residence   KLCC(Star Suite) 

KLCC area

■*Booking for a day*(Book online)
■*1日からの予約 (下記のリンクにて予約)*

Please kindly check the instruction when booking. 

*Below importance*: 

(When make booking, click [Book Now])

1 Last Name, please fill in: [Tabiniko]
2 Email Address Input, please fill in your email.
3 Forward the [ Confirmation Booking email ] that sent by Hotel to
[ ], so that will follow up.

■*Monthly/yearly stay available*

Please contact 60123422022(Whatsapp OK) or or


 E & O Residences   Kuala Lumpur 

KLCC & Bukit Bintang 

Please contact 60123422022(Whatsapp OK) or or


 Invito Suites   Residence 

Bangsar South  area

Please contact 60123422022(Whatsapp OK) or or

Saujana Villa.jpg

 Saujana Villa 

Shah Alam, Subang

Please contact 60123422022(Whatsapp OK) or or


Subang, Cyberjaya 

 Subang, Cyberjaya   Office 

Please contact 60123422022(Whatsapp OK) or or

le nouvel.jpg

 Le Nouvel KLCC 


Please contact 60123422022(Whatsapp OK) or or


Mont  Kiara area

 Wedgewood   Residences 

Please contact 60123422022(Whatsapp OK) or or


Near   KL China Town

 Opus Residences 

Please contact 60123422022(Whatsapp OK) or or

WhatsApp Image 2023-02-26 at 02.10.57.jpeg

KLCC Jln Ampang

 KLCC Office 

Please contact 60123422022(Whatsapp OK) or or

[2]  ■*Booking for a day*(Book online)
      ■*1日からの予約 (下記のリンクにて予約)*

Eligible with Booking Promo Code: (until 31st DEC 2022))


188 Suite KLCC.jpg

188 Suite KLCC


Arte Mont Kiara

arte plus ampang.jpg

Arte Plus (Ampang)

Only below 1 to 5 are eligible with Booking Promo Code:  (until 31st DEC 2022))



*KL Town*:
1 *-188 Suites*

*Near KL Town*
2 *-Arte Plus (Near Ampang)*

*3 -Dua Sentral (Near KL Sentral)*
Will open link later.

*4 -Continew (Near IKEA Cheras KL)*
Will open link later.

*Mont Kiara*
5 -Arte Mont Kiara

Other:(please inquiry)

Below NOT eligible with Booking Promo Code

Last Name, please fill in: [Tabiniko] 

Email Address Input, please fill in your email.

Forward the [ Confirmation Booking email ] that sent by Hotel to
[ ], so that will follow up.

Binjai 8.jpg

Binjai 8 KLCC

KL Bangsar Sentral (EST).jpg

KL Bangsar Sentral (EST)

arte plus ampang lux.jpg

Arte Plus (Ampang)

velocity suite.jpg

Velocity KL Suites

Arte_Mont_Kiara_MK2_19_03_014 (1).jpg

Arte Mont Kiara

Other:(please inquiry)

Flexus Suite(Jln Kuching near Mont Kiara)
Damai 88 Suite KLCC
Soho Suite KLCC
Vortex Suite KLCC
Vipod Suite KLCC
Opus Residences

Please contact 60123422022(Whatsapp OK) or or

Other:(please inquiry)

Star Residence KLCC
The Robertson Bukit Bintang
Anggun Residence
Chymes Gurney Residence
Expressionz Professional Suites
Arte Plus Ampang
Face Platinum Suites
Sky suites

*KL Sentral/Bangsar*
The Establishment Bangsar
KL Gateway Residence Bangsar
Ken Bangsar

Azure Residence Paradigm Mall
Emporis Serviced Residence Kota Damansara

*Nearby Mont Kiara*
Savio Dutamas 

[3]  ■*6month/yearly stay available*

Please contact 60123422022(Whatsapp OK) or or

*6month, 1year:*

Invito Suite Residence (formerly Hotel)
at Bangsar South

Binjai 8 Soho near KLCC
ArtePlus @ Jln Ampang
Arte Mont Kiara
EST Bangsar
Sunway velocity Suite

ArtePlus @ Jln Ampang
Dua Sentral @ KL Sentral
Parc 3 Cheras (Room rental also OK)
188 Suites @ KLCC
SkySuite @ KLCC
Vivo SOHO @ 9 Seputeh

Weedgewood Mont Kiara

Hotel Style Luxury Residence
at Damansara City
(only from 1year rental)