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Long   Stay   Support

Unlike in Japan, things often do not go smoothly in Malaysia. When you first come to Malaysia, you will first experience culture shock at the things that do not go smoothly. Tabiniko Properties will do our best to support you with lots of local information and negotiate with you to make things go smoothly.
We also help our clients to minimize the burden on their children, especially those with children, who often fall ill after moving to a new country.
Other companies are not available after hours on weekdays, weekends and holidays but we can handle even after hours. (Please avoid late night and early morning).

Erik Photo

~Living  Support ( negotiations with landlords )~

・Support when you have any problems in your daily life.
・Basically, we communicate with each other through messages and provide support such as

    simple interpretation.

・We will also check out hospitals nearby the house.
・If you purchase a car through us, we will support you after the car purchase

    (car insurance, road tax renewal, etc.).
・With regard to insurance and hospitalisation, if you buy your insurance through us,

    we can also provide post-purchase support.
・There are limitation to what we can do and what we cannot do, so we will consult with you on

    a case-by-case basis.
・If need us to travel around, we will consult with you again.


We provide support before and after immigration(longstay) to Malaysia. What kind of things will you

need when you move to Malaysia? What preparations should you make?
Our support is based on our own experiences and failures as an experienced emigrant from Japan, and we give advice to our clients based on our own experiences and failures.
There are many immigrants/longstay who are having a hard time finding a place to consult, especially after moving from Japan. It is hard to get used to living in a different environment and in a different language environment, so we provide extensive support until you get used to it. Of course, if you wish, we can consult with you about anything even before you move to Malaysia. Aya, who is Japanese and has emigrated from Japan, will tell you what you should bring and what you should not bring, based on her own mistakes. She will also provide you with a lot of information about the local area, and will serve each customer with great care.


We have received many compliments from our customers,


Aya lives very close to the locals and knows a lot of information that is not available among the "only Japanese community" here 🙌.
Please don't think of me as a customer and don't really mind me replying to you. ☺️ ITs good to have someone to talk to in case of an emergency is such a comfort to us 💪Papa also agrees ✨.


Please contact us for the Living  Support services.

~After  Move-in Support ( negotiations with landlords )~


・ Negotiations with the landlord related repairs etc.
・ Communication with the internet company when there is a problem with the internet
・ Arrangement of repair companies
・ Support when moving out and refund of deposit
・ We are available to consult with you if you have any other problems related to renting an apartment.

Erik, a Chinese Malaysian, will negotiate with the landlord. He will listen to the opinions of both the

customer and the landlord and act as an intermediary between the two parties.
In Japan, many people consider the customer to be a god, and the customer is in a higher position than the landlord, but in Malaysia, a [customer] is a [customer], not consider a higher position. The customer and the landlord are on equal footing. Therefore, we will negotiate with you in order to avoid quarrels.

If you join both services as package, we will give you a discount on the Living Support Service.
For customers who select us for the set of Rental Support, Living Support, After Moving In Support, Moving in on behalf Support, we will provide initial Buying Stuff Support for daily necessities on your behalf. (There will be a list)

~Other One-Off Support~

・Moving in on behalf Support


As a real estate agent, we also provide a service to pick up the keys on your behalf before you move in.
We also provide support for customers who have confirmed our rental contract, Living Support, and After Moving in support, as well as Buying Stuff Support for daily necessities so that they can start living immediately after moving to the new location.
We have a list of daily necessities, and we will do the shopping for those items free of charge. We will help you prepare the minimum necessary items for daily life, such as toilet paper, laundry detergent, fabric softener, kitchen detergent, cleaning detergent, sponges, garbage bags, various seasonings, dried noodles, cookies, coffee, shampoo, conditioner, body soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, etc. Please note that supermarkets in Malaysia are not always stocked like supermarkets in Japan, and sometimes there is a shortage of stock, so you may not be able to buy what you want. We will provide assistance in shopping for daily necessities free of charge, but we only charge for the cost of the items.

It takes a lot of energy just to fly from Japan to Malaysia. And you may have to wait

for a long time at immigration. And after arrival, it is very difficult to go shopping

immediately even though you are tired, and many people get sick.

I think most people do not expect this. If a family member gets sick,

it is really hard and costs a lot of money for the hospital.

We will do our best to support you so that you can live smoothly right

after your arrival.



・Mobile phone contract

・Bank account opening

・Shopping accompaniment etc


Dengue fever


Malaysia Agent who really helped me during my aboard to Malaysia and was great to ask them ♡

While I was in Japan, they not only gave me a viewing of the room and help me to check and repair a certain room defects, they also help to buy the minimum daily necessities so that I wouldn't have to worry about living for a while after moving in!!

It was a lot of trouble at first before, so I'm really glad I asked them for help!!

To tell the truth, we asked a different agent that our school asked for, but honestly, "Huh? There are sometime I doubting …

However, I never felt that way at Erik's place, and his wife, who helps me with his work, contacted me so frequently that I was surprised🥰🥰

Even after moving in, I'm asking thier living support service for follow-up for a year. If there's anything I can talk to, I feel relieved.♡

I felt very reassured by the frequent contact that the agent  had made even during the preparations for our moving house, and on the first day I was exhausted from traveling with so much luggage, but this kind of support and hospitality saved me 🙏✨ Thanks to you, my life in Malaysia has been off to a good start 😊

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