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Malaysia International School 2024
Summer Camp Information

Summer camps 🎄⛺🎄🚙 will be held at each international school this year as well. Malaysia's summer is cooler than Japan's. Would you like to come to Malaysia, a Southern country, to study English and have various experiences? Malaysia is a 7-hour flight from Japan, with a 1-hour time difference, and is warm, making it a popular destination for long stays.

2024 Summer Camp

■KING HENRY VIII Summer School 2024




From Monday, July 22, 2024

・A 2-weeks camp cost approximately MYR10,000
・A 3-weeks camp cost approximately MYR13,000

※Age: 10-16 years old
※All students need to stay in boarding.


King Henry VIII College (KH8) is one of the UK's leading international schools.

The school in Englandwas founded approximately 500 years ago by King Henry VIII.

The Malaysia school established

in Cyberjaya in 2018, from kindergarten to university. 









July 21, 2024 - August 10, 2024 (3 weeks)

・With accommodation (staying in boarding)
RM16,625 (including 8% SST)

・No accommodation
RM13,750 (including 8% SST)

※Age: 7-11 years old

One of the UK's best private schools in 2022.
The only sister school to Epsom College in the UK and share the same standards.
Epsom builds the foundation for your child's long-term success and helps your child

become fluent in English.
Why not start your journey to become a better person with us through summer camp?









July 14-27, 2024 (2 weeks)


※Age: 10-16 years old
※Stay at the Dorsett Hotel Hartamas.


Our IGCSE Foundation program offers an innovative teaching method.
With a focus on innovative teaching methods and small class sizes of up to 18 students,

our program ensures that every student receives individualized attention and

builds meaningful connections with teachers and peers. Students can participate

in unique Future Ready programs such as The Forum and IGNITE, where they can

demonstrate leadership, explore their interests, and develop people

who can thrive in the world.









July 7th to July 21st, 2024 (2 weeks)


※Age: 10-16 years old
※Stay in dormitories/boarding (with supervision)

Nexus Summer Camp also provides great opportunities for students to make

new friends while learning English and new life skills.
The school offer many learning opportunities for all ages, including full-day

excursions and Forest School sessions.
The exciting 14-day program is specially designed to improve your English language skills to suit all ability levels.





This is an overview of each school listed above. If you would like to participate, we will provide you with details.
The cost is the same whether you call Tabiniko or directly with the school.
If you use Tabiniko, we will support you in Japanese/etc.
Please contact us for information about other summer camps.

The camp does not include airline tickets, travel insurance, medical insurance, etc.





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