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We are happy to hear from our customers, Tabiniko would like to have a long-lasting relationship with you and we look forward to working with you for many years to come.

It was a pleasure meeting you today✨🥹✨thank you for your warm hospitality😭.
You gave a lot of thought to our situation and taught us so much 😭 I cried.
Above all, it was the hospitality that conveyed love and kindness from the heart 🥰🥰.
It was the best gift 🎁 than anything money can't buy and I can only thank you for making and preparing so many things for us in your very busy schedule 😭 I was so moved, I couldn't stop crying 😭😭 it was too good!
Please take care of me too until I die (lol) 🥹💕.
If any of your friends want to come to Malaysia, I'll be happy to refer them to you: ❣️
You treat your customers like that every time ✨Wow and I'm so happy for the customers who met Erik and Aya 🥹✨I'm happy to be a customer like that too ❣️
Thank you so much ✨

I think Erik-san is very popular with Japanese people.
Because he is polite, responsible and trustworthy.
My husband wants to work with Erik again.
I hope he will have a chance to work with you again, I secretly hope so too.
I think there are many Japanese people who would rather have a connection with Erik and Aya, even if they don't have to make a sales pitch

Why   choose   us

Tabiniko Property was chosen because of our [Flexibility of handling cases], [Affordable price with local Network], [Customized support services with high customer satisfaction], [Advice from a Malaysian husband and Japanese wife who have immigrated to Malaysia], and [Extensive experience]. These five strengths have made us the preferred choice.

1.「Flexibility of handling cases」

We customize our services for each case. We listen to our clients and propose a plan that fits the client's needs. We can guide you through property sales, show you around rental properties, drive you around, take you shopping, accompany you to your child's school, etc., while discussing the situation and time. We will communicate with you via LINE, WhatsApp, or Email in Japanese in a timely manner. We will plan your long stay life together with you. We have been praised by our clients for our quick reply. We are also available on holidays.


2.「Affordable price with local Network」

As a local Malaysian, my strength is that I have a wide local network and can make arrangements directly and at a lower price compared to other companies. Affordable does not mean poor quality. I strive to provide high quality support at an affordable price.


3.「Customized support services with high customer satisfaction」

We serve each and every one of our customers with personal attention. Thanks to our customers, we have received referrals from customers by word of mouth. We really appreciate it. Many of them have been with us for a long time after signing a contract. Our company is run by a husband and wife team, so we will continue to work hard to satisfy our customers.


4.「Advice from a Malaysian husband and Japanese wife who have immigrated to Malaysia」

Erik, who has lived in Japan for 15 years, and his Japanese wife, Aya, who has lived in Malaysia for 8 years, give advice to our clients based on our own experiences, including the differences between Malaysia and Japan.


5.「Extensive experience」

We have many clients contracted with us for real estate sales, rentals, longstay support, etc. We have assisted people in MM2H, local hiring, mother/child study abroad, families of company executives, etc.

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