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 Long stay to Malaysia​ ~Aunty Aya👵🏻Blog~   

Aunty Aya, who has been living in Malaysia for 8 years, will teach you the REAL life information that is not listed anywhere!

I am Japanese wife, Aunty AyaI write about the daily life of my on my Blog. Malaysian husband, 3-year-old child and son occasionally appear! I also doing YouTube.

Tabiniko support for those people who Longstay in Malaysia.

Buy, Rent, Sell, Lease properties and offices, land, factory, we also provide services for rental and second-hand sales of cars & New Car Lease & Sales , Initial registration for the Internet apply, and preparation of wills. For those who have made their own arrangements for their children to study abroad, we provide an interpreter and car transport support services. (We are not the study abroad school agent, no cost for the school arrangement, only the cost for interpreter and car transport support services. )

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