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Updated: Apr 3, 2023

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Hello I’m Aunty Aya👵🏻This blog is about local life in Malaysia. For those of you who live in Malaysia, where do you usually get your shoes repaired? I think most of you probably go to shoe repair stores in shopping malls to get your shoes repaired, or wear them out and throw them away. Shoe repair shops in shopping malls are probably expensive, aren't they? I have never had my shoes repaired at a shoe repair store in a shopping mall, so I can't compare them, but I will introduce you to a shoe repair store where we always send our shoes for repair.

This is Mahkota Cheras, is a local Chinese neighborhood. The shoe repair store is located next to the bank.

Next to the bank, there are also food stalls and stores for local people to live. The stop lot is really convenient, so I often go to the pork shop, chicken shop, grocery store, Chinese medicine store, beauty salon, and so on. This shoe repair shop is located in such a convenient stop lot.

The boss of the store

My husband's shoes get ruined easily, so we came here to have new shoes reinforced.

men's shoe soles put on all over and this time it was RM35 per pair because of the Chinese New Year Discount. Lucky ✌🏻 usually RM25 or RM35 for just the heel.

They also have various types of soles.

The store is run by two people. It was empty on this day just before Chinese New Year, but there are always a lot of shoes on display and it is always crowded.

A shoe sole repair usually takes about one to two hours, so when I need a shoe repair, I ask them to repair my shoes first, and then go to the grocery store or pork shop to finish other errands. (Special items can take up to a week.)

They are open until about 8:00 pm, but sometimes will not be there and having dinner. They are also closed irregularly, so we recommend that you contact before you go there.

We have introduced the shoe repair stores that we usually go to, but there are also shoe repair stores near train stations and shoplots near your homes, so please try to find one. If you are afraid to leave your precious shoes at a shoe repair shop, please try to leave inexpensive shoes at first. I once asked a shoe repair store in Japan if they could change the soles of my sneakers, and they refused to do it, but a shoe repair store in Malaysia could do it. I also asked another shoe repair store to put a zipper (called a zip in Malaysia) on my laced boots, which this store could not do. They can do pretty much anything!

Near the shoe repair store

There is also a key store.

I once had a key made at this store for RM3. Cheap!

The key for the iron grille was about RM20.

This store lot is very convenient with many stores, so it is always crowded. So there is often a traffic jam inside the store lot. Please be careful when you go there.

Next to the stoplot, there is a supermarket called NSK where you can buy vegetables, meat, etc. in large quantities at low prices.

I will bring you more information about life in Malaysia!

See you soon~👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻

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