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Aunty Aya👵Blog  😱Sudden cut off water😱

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Hello I’m Aunty Aya👵The other day there was a sudden cut off water at my condo.

The condo's water main pipe was broken 😭😭😭

The notice was posted on the condo's bulletin board just before the water stopped, but it was posted about a day before the water stopped, so most of the residents didn't notice and everyone was in a big hurry. We have several blocks and only my building was unlucky enough to have the stoppage. At midnight on Thursday, the water pressure became very weak and gradually stopped. Even I asked the management office, they didn't know when it would resume 😱

My son's Indian mom's friend who lives in the same building as my son's kindergarten says this happens sometimes when she lived in India and she feel nostalgic🤣I've never had this happen to me before, but I didn't panic because I had to wait 😅😅😅I never had this experience when I lived in Tokyo 😅😅😅. I realized once again how convenient Japan really is.

I had 5.5 liters of bottled drinking water stocked up for now, so that's good enough for drinking water for now!

But I didn't know when the water would come, so I bought water from this water purifier located under the condo.

This was my first time using it.

I put in a 10, 20, or 50 cent coin and the water came out. I put 10 cents in the bottle and water came out, but it didn't fill up the bottle.

Next, I put 20 cents in the bottle and it filled up twice as much water as the 10 cents.

I found out that this large 5.5L plastic bottle fills up when you put 50 cents into the machine.

They say it is drinkable water, but my husband says he doesn't know what it is, so we don't use it as drinking water. We decided to use it when brushing our teeth, washing vegetables and dishes.

And in the evening, my husband came back with the kids, so we went to fetch water together.

A big bucket is a must in Malaysia. Water is often cut off. In Malaysia, you will know often will have a plan for water outages in the country? City? For some reason, our area is always free from planned water cutoffs, but there is a possibility that the water may be cut off again suddenly like this time, so

a big bucket is a must-have item.

I tried to get to the faucet, but the steps and ditches made it impossible for me to carry this bucket of water, so I had to fetch water from the shower in the nearby pool. Sorry for the waste of fetching water🙇🏻

We used this bucket of water for showering, washing hands, flushing toilets, etc., and it ran out pretty quickly.

We must be consuming quite a lot of water every day!

For dinner, I decided to make pasta that can be made in the microwave, which doesn't use much water. I happened to have some vegetables that I had washed the day before, so I put the pasta, chopped vegetables, and thawed meat in a heatproof glass, added a little water and seasonings, and put into microwave to heat it. Rice takes a lot of water to sharpen, so I decided to make pasta in the microwave, which doesn't use a lot of water.

And my mother told me to use plastic wrap so I wouldn't have to wash dishes, so

I put Nasi Lemak paper, which is often sold over here, on top of the dish and ate the pasta because Japanese plastic wrap is precious and durable.

This is not only good for disasters, but also for shortening the time for busy mothers who don't have much time to do their daily work or raise their children.

In case you are wondering, the water came on Friday night around 10pm. So the water was cut off for about a whole day.

I've had enough of water outages. It's even harder when you have small children....

I hope there will be no more water cut out 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

See you soon~👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻

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