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2 nights 3 days little trip in Kota Kinabalu. Day 2: A trip with Tropical Jungle

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

【 Malaysia Long stay, Malaysia Property, Apartment, Hotel,Travel, Rental , MM2H, Blog】Tourist information in Kota Kinabalu recommended by AYA who live in Malaysia and married local Chinese guy.

Hello! It is AYA again! I will introduce sightseeing spot of Kota Kinabalu which I recommend following last time.

~2 nights 3 days course~ 2nd Day (Saturday)

ナバル村 (Nabalu Village) → キナバル山植物園 (Mount Kinabalu Botanical Garden) → クンダサン (Kundasang) → キャノピーウォーク (Canopy Walkway)&ポーリン温泉 (Poring Hot Springs) → ナイトマーケット (Night Market)で夕食 (Have dinner at Night Market)

~ナバル村 (Nabalu Village)~

Nabaru Village is located on the half way of the mountain road. This BIG pineapple is a landmark! The weather changes easily because it depends on the mountain weather that unfortunately a cloudy sky when we arrived. Behind the large pineapple, it was an observatory but already broken and unable to go up.

Let's take a break by eating cut fruits while resting on the toilet here!

Do not forget to take more water as it is hot. That’s’ Pineapple sold out easily here.

There are shopping slots where only small souvenirs are sold across the road, so please buy some Sabah accessories as souvenirs! The bungalows like a house that looks behind the pineapple in the second picture is the shopping slot where small items souvenirs are selling.

~キナバル山植物園 (Mount Kinabalu Botanical Garden)~

Enjoy a short hiking in the botanical garden of Tropical country! It is very pleasant. The entrance to the botanical garden has become a climbing mouth of Mt. Kinabalu and there was a restaurant in front of that but it is better to bring in lunch together, as there are not many other places to eat. Admission fee is RM5 per one foreigner. (It is the fee as of July 2018. Please note that there is also the possibility of price revision.)

~クンダサン (Kundasang)のお土産ショップ~

We had a cut fruit at a souvenir shop of Kundasang and took a break.

Various kinds of fruits, sweets, honey, etc. are selling here. The foods are rich in variety than Nabalu village just now.

It is recommended for you to buy small souvenirs In Nabalu village and Kundasan buy food souvenirs. For food souvenirs, you may buy here and eat breakfast the next day! You can also take nice pictures of vivid color of foods. Sure good for Instagram picture (^ ^ ♪. There are many stalls like this.

Unfortunately, we did not have enough time to visit this time even there seems to be a beautiful Ranch/Farm (Desa Cattle Dairy Farm) near here, so I definitely want to go next time la! Please drop by if you have time. Seraching from internet and many blogger mentioned the place like Sweden!

Such things are also selling.

~キャノピーウォーク (Canopy Walkway)&ポーリン温泉 (Poring Hot Springs)~

Finally, it is today's main Canopy Walkway! Yeah!

When hiking in the tropical jungle, there is a suspension bridge that is only about one person wide on the walk way. It’s scary….

I had an interesting experience of hiking in the jungle. It feels like a little mountain climbing.

After a hiking at the Canopy Walkway, we had a rest at Poring Hot Springs.

With the footbath in the nature, it was comfortable (# ^^ #) If you want to soak in the hot springs please bring bathing suit.

Poring Hot Spring is a hot spring developed by the Japanese army that occupied Borneo Island during the Pacific War. Unlike Japanese people like hot springs, local people were said to have been "a horrible place where boiling water spews out" as local people do not have hot spring customs. After enter the entrance, parking in nearby parking lot and buy tickets. Admission fee is RM15 per foreigner. If you have this ticket you can go to Poring Hot Spring. Admission fee for the canopy walk will cost RM 5 separately. If bringing in the camera, RM 5 will be charged and if you bring the video, RM 30 will be charged separately. (It is the fee as of July 2018. Please note that there is also the possibility of price revision.)

I could see Rafflesia too! You can watch it at the VIVIAN RAFFLESIA GARDEN ahead of Canopy Walkway & Poring Hot Springs. It is a private garden that Ms VIVIAN runs admission fee is RM 30 per person. (It is the fee as of July 2018. Please note that there is also the possibility of price revision.) This flower is the biggest flower in the world and will give off odor but when I went to see it did not smell like mentioned. Rafflesia only bloom one week and another timing for the smell. If you are lucky it can be seen on the area of Canopy Walkway & Poring Hot Springs but when I went there, it was not blooming.

I watched the sunset from Kota Kinabalu on the way back. Beautiful likes a paradise ☆ 彡

As the sun goes down, it becomes dark and dangerous, (It sure was dark at 6pm or 6:30pm in the evening) Its’ better to go back from Canopy Walkway & Poring Hot Springs at about 4:30pm and let's go back to Kota Kinabalu city.

The timing of the sunset of Kuala Lumpur and Borneo is quite difference.

There is no light on the mountain road, so please bear in mind that the weather will change easily in the mountains and fog heavy may come out.

Lets’ try fresh seafood at seashore Night market!

After returning to the city of Kota Kinabalu ,let’s go to the night market along the coast ! The set that we ordered was about RM 70. The price was still OK for 2persan on wards.

I does not understand English much but I still can order and eat the Cheap, Fresh and Tasty seafood! Hooray!

Hiking in the tropical jungle, watching the Rafflesia, eating the delicious fresh seafood, My 2nd day trip was so much fun!

Aya tips:

· We are introducing for booking of condominium and rent-a-car. While traveling, it will be necessary that to keep in touch with the person in charge of the condominium and the person in charge of rental car directly, it will be in English communication. Rental car rental is limited to those with international license or Malaysian license.

·We also introduce package plan from tour companies. Inquiry available in Japanese/English/Chinese/Cantonese with us.

· Depend on your request, we can come out some customized plans that meet your expectation. Inquiry available in Japanese/English/Chinese/Cantonese with us. Pease do not hesitate to consult us.

· Since the sightseeing spots of Kota Kinabalu are separate from each other, let's well planning and move earlier and please don’t plan the schedule too tight.

· Let 's leave early in the morning and come back earlier evening when travel around Kota Kinabalu mountain because it is dangerous if the day falls down too dark.

Selling points for ‘A great trip with great nature & local seafood ! ! !

[ Hiking in the tropical Jungle ] + [ You can relax in hot springs ] + [ Seafood is fresh and delicious ]

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