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Setiahills (セティアヒルズ) at Ampang [TABINIKO Malaysia Property Tour] No25 Latest property

A detached house in a luxury residential area in the Ampang area. Welcome to the tropical resort house!

【 Malaysia Long stay Malaysia Property Apartment Hotel Travel Rental MM2H Blog】update DEC 2022

The property this time is a bungalow (house) called Setiahills in the Ampang area in the northern part of Kuala Lumpur! You can see the real thing. Let's go see it together.

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■「1.Now in December 2022」:

Property location + station & building information」:

Setia Hills Ampang detached house is about 20 minutes drive (about 12.2km) to the Twin Towers (KLCC), the symbol of Malaysia. Furthermore, it is about the same time and distance by car to Pavilion Shopping Mall, a representative shopping mall in Malaysia's busiest downtown area. It takes about 10 minutes by car (about 6.2 km) to the Ampang Point Shopping Center area where the nearest shops and local malls are gathered. Ampang Point Shopping Center is a local mall that opened in 1993 and is now in its 29th year. Nearby was the Ampang Park Shopping Center with a similar name, which was built by a Singaporean company until a few years ago, but unfortunately closed due to the construction of MRT Line 2. Ampang Park Shopping Center opened in 1973 and closed in 2017, ending its long history of 44 years. The Ampang Point Shopping Center, which still exists today, retains its old style, but still attracts visitors. It is still a shopping mall that is indispensable for the lives of local residents. The Setia Hills Ampang detached house is easily accessible to Malaysia's CBD (central business district) area, and is surrounded by a small forested hill next to it, which is rich in nature.

The Setia Hills Ampang detached house was completed in 2008 and is of the Leasehold type. It is a residential area consisting of 45 bungalow houses, and there is a gate with security personnel on the premises, and luxurious bungalows are lined up. Adjacent to Ampang Forest Reserve, it is an ultra-low-density residential area built with the theme of a holiday resort. Ideal for wealthy families who want a quiet life in the city.


We are selling this property. For private viewings and consultations, please contact the following (Erik).


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■「2.This property」

< 7bedroom 5900sqft, 7bath, Private Pool, Leasehold>

9500 sq ft as you enter through the front porch and include spaces such as gardens. The "luxury" point of this property is that it has a private pool in addition to the big size. There is a barbecue area by the pool, karaoke that connects to the room, or a room that can accommodate 20-30 people, so it is truly "large and luxurious". 2nd floor <living room>

The living room on the right after entering the entrance on the second floor. There are many sofas and chairs, so you can get together with a large number of people. I mentioned earlier that it was built with the theme of a holiday resort, but it has a Balinese style interior.

There is big veranda, too, and there is pool below (the first floor). (The second picture is the pool seen from this veranda)

There are also many palm trees planted, and the sunlight filtering through the leaves of the palm trees feels good.

A very large and heavy front door. The entrance will be on the second floor.