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Kepyok, Selangor

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

【 Malaysia Long stay, Malaysia Property, Apartment, Hotel,Travel, Rental , MM2H, Blog】Recharge yourself with full energy at a hidden gem in tropical country!

Lets go to the hidden gem where full of lush greenery unique stay in Malaysia beautiful Kampung(countryside)!

Hi, I am Aya, a Japanese and married local Chinese Malaysian guy and try hard to find you an extremely good accommodation! Stay tuned! This time, I would like to introduce you the place that located in southern area and will take approximately 1 hour from the city, Kuala Lumpur. Its take about only 30mins from KLIA(Kuala Lumpur International Airport) to this beautiful hidden gem, KEPYOK. Tt's name and means "gate" or "entrance" in

Jawa language.For the one who would like to refresh your body & soul, let's release your hand to free and knock the hidden gem door! Are you ready ?

In here, you can do fishing, swimming and even BBQ at nigth time.The ownwe here will handmade a tasty pizza with their kettle for you if requested.O! this

hidden gem is managing by a Japanese lady who married with a Malay guy and no problem to serve you in Japanese language as well! For Japanese guest sure will

stay here in comfort without communication problem. Furtheremore, all the interior design here was done by thier son who is a architect, what a wonderful

family story behind this warm house!

This entrance was deliveried from Bali! What a "masterpiece"! I can't stop to form a pose like when I went to Angkor Wat, Cambodia. Please believe me, you

can take a plenty of cool shoots like this! So cool! Cross this unique entrane and you will discover a total special space.

Brick base designed for the appearance and interior decorating of living room, dining room, kitchen.

From here, you can find a spacious living room and calm atmosphere. It's also a 'comfort zone' for hanging out, communicate to each other. Here is call [The

Space], according to owner, it's bacause of the reason that they wanted the people feel like in [HOME] and that's why they created this warm place. As

mentioned, the furniture here is deliveried from Bali, please kindly to feel the passion for quality of decoration from owner.

Open style kitchen, refrigerator, oven, microwave, rice cooker, all is free to use if you stay here!

Now, I' am super relaxing at the pool side (^_-)-☆ Please forgive my slobbery mouth, it's feeling too good. It's private pool with the colourful flower! This

the plants call [bougainvaillea] with pink and i really like blue pool and pink combination.

A Chalet with 2 bedroom consider 1 unit. Here has 2 Chalet, if you go with family and friends then can simply charter the whole place. Its' also a good selling point to let people spend with family and good friends!

With bathtub! It's a good news for Japanese! The hot water also good enough for deep-soaking.The hot-water heater tank here is BIG and provide the stable hot

water as well! (In Malaysia, there you can hardly find the BIG boiler tank.) Friendly reminder not use too much the hot water even the tank is BIG.

Special handmade pizza kettle! Grill the pizza with the full-fledged kettle, please imagine how yummy the pizza.

How lovely the cobblestone lane is [LOVE]. Now you can feel the passion for quality of decoration from owner. From The pattern of wall, you also can see how

the owner pay attention to the detail and their enthusiasm.

Hi, the owner, Ms Yasmin Yoko. A friendly and cute person!