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Aunty Aya👵blog Malaysian leaf remove✂️

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Hello! This is Aunty Aya 👵. It's been seven years since I came to Malaysia. After I count, its my 8th year!. It's been a long time ~. I had a lot of things to do with giving birth. Now my child is still small, so it will take work and time to take care, but from now on, I will write about life in Malaysia, interesting things, shocking things, places that are different from Japan, and sometimes about raising children, so by all means Aunty Aya blog😄

The first blog is the Malaysian leaf drop✂️ that I encountered while stopping the car the other day.

This is in front of a condominium in the centre of Malaysia. A young man was working hard alone. Palm trees are growing more leaves.

Thank you for your hard work in the heat💦💦The leaves of the palm tree are quite large and probably as long as the car parked in front of him. . . The leaves is taller than this person. . .Think it's hard to cut and it's also hard to clean up 😫I've lived in Malaysia for 7 years and saw it for the first time. . .

I will report on the site in Malaysia again.

Have a nice day~👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻

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