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Aunty Aya👵Blog Mid-Autumn Moon🥮🎑

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Hello! This is Aunt Aya👵September 10th was the Mid-Autumn Moon. In Japan, people only hear about it on the news and don't do anything special about it. Although it called a celebration, it is not a big event. It is a family meal, and families with children play with paper lanterns.

Our family also went to my husband's brother's house and enjoyed the harvest moon 😊

The one on the left in the front is a grilled pork, and the one on the right is a whole chicken.

Brown soup on top. This is a Buddha jumping wall (called Bucchosho in Japanese). A traditional Fujian cuisine high-class soup made with high-quality dried ingredients such as abalone, oysters, scallops, chicken, sea cucumber, and shiitake mushrooms.

It is said that the name comes from the fact that "the scent is so delicious that monks in training will jump over the walls of the temple".

That's right, the ingredients are of course delicious, but

The soup with seafood soup is really delicious 🤤🤤🤤

It's so delicious that I'm going to drink it up 😆😆😆 It's a soup that I would like those who live in Malaysia to eat at least once ya!

↑ This is the dried food in the soup. stomach of fish? It was elastic and it was delicious to smoke delicious soup.

This is a whole chicken 🐔 This was my first time cutting 😅 It was difficult to cut a whole chicken because it has bones, but I managed to cut it. I don't eat chicken heads, but my mother-in-law instructs me to put them on a plate. I'll take the chicken's life 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

This chicken is just boiled in salted water. It is eaten with minced ginger and garlic dipped in soy sauce. This sauce is also delicious. I will write a blog next time!

Grilled pork. This is a thin slice of what I can do. This is also the first thing I ate after coming to Malaysia, but it is very delicious with a salty taste. Goes well with beer😆

Sweet shrimp chilli. This is also delicious, so I will write a blog about how to make it someday!

Fried vegetables. This is seasoned with seafood sauce at the end, but this is also delicious because it is seasoned with seasonings that are not sold in ordinary Japanese supermarkets, so I will write a blog about how to make it someday!

After eating delicious food, enjoy the moon while watching the lanterns. In the past, Chinese people used paper lanterns with candles inside them, just like in Japan. The left four in the photo are electric types. The two on the right are old paper types.

There are old types of paper lanterns as well as those made of vinyl. The rabbit in the middle is an electric type.

During the Mid-Autumn Festival, many candles are lined up on the floor. I used to line up more and more!

Children take a walk with lanterns and get sweets from the neighbors (there are no ghosts, but it's like Chinese-style Halloween 🎃😆), fireworks,

At the end, a child from the neighborhood came to visit my husband's younger brother's house, and the child must have had fun~😊

Mid-Autumn Moon was a fun event for children! I also experienced a fun Chinese event with my child.

I saw the moon as well. It was a perfectly round moon.

See you soon~👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻

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