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AUSTRALIAN International School International school tour in MalaysiaNo.6 

Updated: Jul 12

Visiting the Australian International School, I felt that they put a lot of effort on drama and music. There are various types of classrooms, tools, and instruments available, with drama props being handmade by teachers and students. I felt that it would be perfect for children who have dreams in those fields in the future. Through collaborating to create something together, the sense of unity within the classes deepens.

This is Australian International School Malaysia’s strength.

The school is located in a quiet upscale residential area by the lake. The surrounding environment is very nice, with fountains inside the school. It’s like  a tropical resort hotel. How nice children who get to attend such a wonderful school every day. (#^.^#) Additionally, there are apartments and houses within walking distance nearby.

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At AISM, students thrive in an educational environment that places academic excellence at its core and cultivates intellectual character and well-being. The world-renowned Australian curriculum prioritises holistic development where students are encouraged to think critically, communicate effectively, and approach problem-solving with creativity.

With outstanding Higher School Certificate (Pre-university Program) results outside of Australia, AISM graduates have been accepted into some of the world's most prestigious and top universities, including the University of Edinburgh (United Kingdom), the University of New York (United States), and the National University of Singapore (Singapore), among many others.

The curriculum offering, covering Pre-School to Pre-University, is delivered by highly qualified and largely expatriate teachers.

Supported by and certified as the first Visible Learning School in the world, one of AISM’s strengths is in the closeness of its community and all that it provides: small class sizes and in-depth knowledge of its learners that deepens relationships, enhances learning opportunities and allows them to feel a sense of belonging to thrive and achieve to the best of their potential.

Swimming pool

The campus is spacious with excellent facilities. Ground field

Basketball court

Sports hall


Students swipe their card here when they arrive and depart from school. Cafeteria

The cafeteria ”Cezars“

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Kindergarten (Early learning centre)

When we visited, it was during a school holiday, and the room had been cleaned very thoroughly. At the end of each semester, they conduct a major cleaning.

They were using special machinery to clean the outdoor floors.

Music room

In addition to regular classrooms, there is also a music room. It might have been the first time I've seen a kindergarten with a separate music room.

A room for drama acting

The Australian International School has many drama props, a drama room, and a music room.

The boat is handmade by teachers and students using cardboard. It's very amazing! Making such elaborate props together seems like it would deepen the sense of unity within the class.

There were many photos of drama performances displayed all around.

Music room

There are many musical instruments.

There are many electronic pianos.

There are also electric guitars and drum sets. Next to the drama room, there is this music room, which shows a strong emphasis on drama.

Theater hall

There were many handmade props displayed.

There's another theater room. They had lights similar to the ones used for photography.

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<Design & Technology Workshop>

It's an art room for design and technology.

There are various machines and tools placed there.

As it is a design and technology facility, there are many Apple Mac computers in there. There are also 3D printer machines. Since it's a luxury school, not only the facilities but also the computers are mainly Apple Mac computers, with a large number of them.


Depending on the teacher, .the layout of the rooms are varies.


Science Lab

The French class

The Chinese class

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School Counselor

The computer room

This is a robot made by students. Amazing! I can't believe they made something so incredible!

The art & sewing room

There were many student artworks displayed.


These are photos of students during internships.

Private rooms for studying instruments, vocal music, etc.

There are several music practice private rooms equipped with upright pianos, drum sets, and more. It's a school with very well-equipped music facilities.


The library has many books and also offers spaces for studying.

The Australian International School Malaysia has spacious facilities and a wide range of offerings in both theater and music.

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◎EARLY LEARING CENTRE (3~5 years old)

Early Learning Centre (ELC) aims to provide a warm, secure and stimulating preschool environment for children aged 3-5. Using the Australian Early Years Learning Framework and the Reggio Emilia Philosophy, students are exposed to a variety of learning experiences.

◎JUNIOR SCHOOL (Foundation~Year5) 

AISM follow the principles of Visible Learning. The cornerstone of work is based on the Australian National Curriculum, internationally known for its academic breadth and rigour, while meeting Australian and international standards.

They aim to build numerate and literate youngsters, who are critical and creative thinkers, determined to deal with others respectfully and ethnically.


The Australian Curriculum teaches students to think and learn for themselves. Combined with Visible Learning techniques, they help our students develop the skills they need to be successful 21st century global citizens.


Similar to A Levels, IB Diploma or STPM,

Years 11 and 12 studies culminate in the award of the New South Wales Higher School Certificate (NSW HSC). This provides a flexible curriculum pathway to either specialise in a specific field or complete a wide range of subjects.


Nursery      Age4

Preparation     Age5

Founfdation     Age6

Year 1        Age7

Year 2             Age8

Year 3        Age9

Year 4        Age10

Year 5        Age11

Year 6        Age12

Year 7        Age13

Year 8        Age14

Year 9        Age15

Year 10      Age16

Year 11      Age17

Year 12      Age18

Tuition fee:



Syllabus (Curriculum) : Australian Syllabus

Enrollment start period: January / April / July / October (4 semester)

Boarding : None

There are also summer and winter camps, 

If you are interested, please contact Tabiniko for more information.

住所:📍22 Jalan Anggerik The MINES Resort City 43300 Seri Kembangan Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia

Tabiniko provides support for educational migration to Malaysia, offering services such as tours of international schools, admission support, rental support, and daily life support. Please feel free to contact us.

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It is located in a quiet residential area with very little traffic.

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