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Grand Ion Majestic (グランド イオン マジェスティック 玖霄云阁) at Genting Highland (ゲンティンハイランド)

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

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What does a condominium in a popular Summer Retreat in Malaysia look like? Feeling like having an apartment in Karuizawa, Japan? Castle in the sky. About 1 hour drive from Kuala Lumpur city, about 20 minutes drive to Malaysia's premier Amusement Park and Casino

How about my last time Property article for Core Residence at TRX KL? Any inquiry please call me. This time, I will change the location a little and introduce an Residence that will be built in Genting Highlands, a popular Summer Resort in Malaysia. This is the 11th time. We will keep introduce Malaysian real estate under the title of "TABINIKO Malaysia Property Tour" and also conduct real estate tours. During the tour, we will discuss and the Local Real Estate Company Sales or a professional Real Estate Agent will assist you for each question. Jom! (Meaning to go in Malay) Let's go see the actual situation of Malaysian properties!

Above is the actual scenery.


■「1.Sales Gallery 」:Until August 2020:

「Property Location + Station & Building information」:

Grand Ion Majestic is located in Genting Highlands. Locals will call this place "Genting". I think it's a place that Japanese people haven't heard much about. According to my husband (Chinese Malaysian), it's a place where he have a lot of memories of traveling with his family and friends from an early age. It is Malaysia's premier Summer Resort + Tourist destination that every Malaysian knows. Many schools go to Genting even on high school graduation trips. Maybe it's not advertised in Japan, that's why it's not well known in Japan, and on the contrary, Japanese people know more about the Tourist destination of Sky Mirror in recent years. We are receiving the booking of Sky Mirror. What is the charm point of Genting Highlands? It is about an hour's drive (about 35 km) from Kuala Lumpur city. If put it In a word, there is an Amusement Park + Malaysia's only Casino + Hotel + Ropeway + Mall + Golf Course + Outlet Mall at an altitude of 1800 m, and it is a huge tourist area with summer resort. Opened in 1965, founder Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong is the head of the Malaysian conglomerate Genting Group, and his family continues his business (second son Lim Kok Thay) even after his death. Genting Highlands is home to the 3-star First World Hotel, which has 7,351 guest rooms at Towers 1, 2 and 3. They are proud to be the largest hotel in the world, and there are 7 other hotels surrounding. Genting Highlands has a maximum temperature of about 21.5 degrees Celsius and a minimum temperature of about 12.5 degrees Celsius, making it the perfect summer resort for Malaysians. If you compare it to Japan, is it a place like Karuizawa or Hakone? Perhaps.

The project area of ​​Grand Ion Majestic is 2 acre, which is equivalent to two soccer grounds. If you include the surrounding 7 condominiums, it will be a large development area. The Grand Ion Delemen Hotel already opened and it is a modern 5-star hotel. Genting Highlands are very foggy when it's cold and are great for a Little away trip! It takes about 45 minutes to 1 hour by car from Kuala Lumpur city to the condominium, and about 20 minutes by car from the condominium to the commercial area where amusement parks and casinos are gathered. The whole mountain feels like a resort and you can relax & Chill out.

The Grand Ion Majestic condominium is scheduled to be completed in 2023. Since it is a mountain, there is no train, and the only transportation is using car. Approximately 20 minutes drive to south, you will reach the Genting Highlands Complex Tourist Destination, and drive further south, you will reach the foothills of Gotong Jaya (Gotong Jaya). Development has progressed here in recent years, and new condominiums and hotels are under construction. Gotong Jaya Actually, there are many delicious restaurants, and there are various places where you can travel day trip. Besides the commercial area (shopping street) called Shoplot. Genting Strawberry Leisure Farm、Genting Highlands Premium Outlets、Gohtong Memorial Park(Founder's park)、Mini Cameron Highlands(You can buy souvenirs, plants and vegetables!)、Happy Bee Farm(There is a Japanese caretaker!)、Unique accommodations such as Glamz Genting! I went there the other day so I will write a blog again! It's close to the Grand Ion Majestic Mansion, so you can play. It is a good location because it is a summer resort where you can breathe in fresh air and spend a cool temperature not far from Kuala Lumpur city. Further south to the city, you'll find Janda Baik and Bukit Tinggi, popular attractions for locals. And if you go further south, you can reach the city of Kuala Lumpur.

[ Property Composition + Ownership ]

The Grand Ion Majestic condominium has towers M1, M2 and M3. Operated in a hotel format, the operating company is Wyndham Hotel Group. Wyndham is a hotel management listed company with hotel chains such as Ramada, Howard Johnson and Days Inns Worldwide. The land area of ​​the condominium is 2 acres. It is 45 to 50 floors above the ground. There are about 1,668 rooms in all towers. Room sizes range from 380 sqft to 1,500 sqft (about 35 m2 to about 139 m2). Ownership of the property is Free Hold.

[ Developer ]:

This property is being developed by Malaysia real estate company NCT ​​Group. Founded in 1985, NCT Group has been active in a wide range of fields for 35 years. NCT is involved in building construction, real estate development site construction, building management, school construction (Hua Xia Private School), real estate investment and venture and hotel business.

5 Reasons Why Buy & Invest Grand Ion Majestic:

[Reason 1 ]

Castle in the Sky-Living with fresh air, a summer resort with a spectacular view of the mountains

Since it is a plateau at an altitude of 1800m, the clean air without complaint heals people. In the room facing the mountain, you can see the invincible mountain view in front of you! The maximum temperature is about 21.5 to 25 degrees Celsius, and the minimum temperature is about 11 to 12.5 degrees Celsius. Short sleeves will make you feel chilly. Anyway, it's a place where you can spend a super comfortable time. The atmosphere and image are a little different, but the cool temperature, lots of greenery, and the fact that it is a summer resort are similar to Hakone and Karuizawa!

[Reason 2 ]

Fully equipped and luxurious condominium with facilities Grand Ion Majestic with the philosophy of luxury lifestyle, entertainment and refreshing mind and body. Gorgeous lobby, Sky Lounge (12F), Sky Bar (12F), Indoor kids pool (13F), Sky Gym (13F), Cigar Lounge (13F), Infiniti indoor heated pool (13F), Indoor Sky Pool (50F), etc. Grand Ion Majestic is full of facilities where you can enjoy a luxurious lifestyle. On the 50th floor, there is a Glass House + Garden (accommodating about 70 people) where you can have a wedding ceremony, a banquet hall with 150 tables, a link bridge, and a glass elevator (tower M2).

[Reason 3 ]

Wyndham Hotel Group operates the Hotel Wyndham Hotel Group is a listed company in New York (NYSE: WYN) and one of three subsidiaries under the umbrella of Wyndham Worldwide. With 8400 hotels worldwide and 728,000 rooms, it reaches 80 countries. It also has its own Wyndham Rewards membership system, with approximately 8 million active members. Wyndham will be the management company of Grand Ion Majestic (Grand Ion Majestic).

[Reason 4 ]

Genting Highlands is a huge Tourist Area and Summer Resort with an Amusement Park + Malaysia's only casino + Hotel + Ropeway + Mall + Golf Course + Outlet Mall on the plateau. Don't you think it's boring because it's a mountain? The huge tourist destination of Genting Highlands is about a 20-minute drive away from Grand Ion Majestic. An outdoor amusement park (newly under construction), an indoor amusement park where you can play without worrying about the weather and sunlight (renewed in the second half of 2018), an outlet mall (opened in 2017), and three 24-hour casinos (Casino De Genting, Sky Casino) Within 20 minutes you will reach commercial areas such as (under Resort World Genting), Sky Avenue shopping mall (with a supermarket called Hilltop Grocer), Awana Genting Highlands Golf Course and more. Genting Highlands and Gorton Jaya at the foot of the mountain are still under development and have new plans.

[Reason 5 ]

Full of benefits Grand Ion Majestic will run as Hotel management business, and there are many benefits such as free nights for 5 days every year, rebate, and exemption from management fees! I will talk in detail when I meet you. Waiting for your contact.

■「2.Hotel style」

Showroom: (Tower1 Type A2:400 sqf(37㎡):1 Bedrooms, 1 Bathrooms)

The studio has a typical hotel layout, but it has a kitchenette.

Showroom: (Tower3 Type C3:620 sqf(58㎡):2 Bedrooms, 1 Bathrooms)

There is a counter in the kitchen.

Master bedroom

What do you think. The property is still under construction, so you can't see the actual one, but you can see the showroom. Are you interested? If you contact us, let's go see it together.

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