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Nova Ampang(ノヴァ アンパン) near KLCC TABINIKO Malaysia Property Tour No14

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

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Condominium near Twin Towers (KLCC). Walking distance and surrounded by international schools, hospitals and supermarkets

Hello, it is the 14th of [TABINIKO Malaysia Property Tour]! Last time, I introduced the luxurious low-rise condominium Nobleton Crest (Nobleton Crest) around the Twin Towers (KLCC). This time will introduce Nova Ampang Residence, which is about 4km away from the Twin Towers in the same area. Located in the ambassador's district Jalan Ampang, it is scheduled to be completed in the second half of 2021. Are you interested? Let's go see it together. If contact us, we will bring you and guide you to the Show room.

We will keep introduce Malaysian real estate under the title of "TABINIKO Malaysia Property Tour" and also conduct real estate tours. During the tour, we will discuss and the Local Real Estate Company Sales or a professional Real Estate Agent will assist you for each question. Jom! (Meaning to go in Malay) Let's go see the actual situation of Malaysian properties!

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■「1.December 2020」:

「Property Location + Station & Building information」:

The biggest feature of Nova Ampang is this condo is surrounded by Malaysia's famous hospitals, famous international schools, supermarkets, train stations (about 15 minutes on foot) and parks (about 20 minutes on foot). GLENEAGLES HOSPITAL KUALA LUMPUR is just across the road. Besides that, an international school was founded in 1965 and with approximately 1,700 students (more than 65 countries), The International School of Kuala Lumpur (ISKL), moved to a vast campus behind Nova Ampang in August 2018. You can take the course of Kindergarten, Elementary school, Middle school and High school, and is attracting attention as a parent-child study abroad program and educational migration. 25% of students live in the area and go to school by bicycle or on foot. Nova Ampang is located on Jalan Ampang Road, which is the Malaysian embassy area and is home to about 50 national embassies. It is about a 5-minute walk to the insurance company and mall called Great Eastern Mall, and there is a supermarket called Cold Storage in it, so shopping is convenient. It is about 8 minutes (about 4km) by car to the famous Twin Towers Mall + KLCC LRT + KLCC Park in Kuala Lumpur. It is an area where Isetan and Suria KLCC shopping malls and Avenue K shopping malls, which are the only ones in Malaysia that have Kinokuniya bookstores. All conveniences are concentrated in! It's perfect for shopping. By the way, another Malaysian representative Pavilion Shopping Mall is also about 10 minutes by car from Nova Ampang. Can you get an image of this place? By the way, the Embassy of Japan in Malaysia is about 5 minutes by car, and the hotel called Villa Samadhi → Click Blog, where I wrote an article before, is about 5 minutes by car.

Nova Ampang is scheduled to be completed in July-September 2021. The nearest station is about a 15-minute walk to LRT Jelatek Station and an 18-minute walk to LRT Dato Keramat Station. Another station that cannot be ignored is LRT AMPANG PARK station, which is about 8 minutes drive from Nova Ampang. This station is under construction for MRT Line 2, a railway project in Kuala Lumpur, and MRT2 AMPANG PARK station will be built. It takes only one station from LRT AMPANG PARK station to KLCC (twin tower) station, only few minutes. Majlis Jamek, Pasar Seni and KL Central stations can be reached in one train. Once the MRT2 AMPANG PARK station is built, it will be possible to reach Conlay (Bukit Bintang) station, TRX (Tun Razak Exchange) station, Bandar Malaysia station (plan to build the Shinkansen), Putrajaya and Cyberjaya, etc. It will be an even more convenient location as it will be a transfer station where two lines, LRT and MRT2, passing. Since it is an embassy area, foreign expatriates are concentrated and it is said that is relatively safe.

Nova Ampang is a two-building pure residential title condominium. It has 35 floors and a total of about 395 rooms. The rooms are the Maisonette type [The Duplex] and the General layout [The Typical] (Tickle), and the Maisonette type is now on sale. We are currently selling the standard layout type. The area of ​​the Maisonette type ranges from 951 sqft to 1775 sqft (approximately 88.35 m2 to approximately 164.90 m2), and the area of ​​the typical layout type ranges from 686 sqft to 997 sqft (approximately 63.73 m2 to approximately 92.62 m2). Ownership of the property is Free Hold.

「Developer Real Estate Company」: This property is being developed by Russian real estate company Alfranko Development. Alfranko's first luxury lifestyle condominium in Malaysia. He has also won the Best Boutique Developer Award. This time, we would like to introduce SHENG TAI INTERNATIONAL, who is in charge of construction and sales of Nova Ampang.

SHENG TAI INTERNATIONAL was established in Hong Kong in 2012, before that, SHENG TAI had experience in real estate construction in Malaysia. More than 22 housing and shop constructions in Ipoh, Perak (eg BerCham Nova Garden, Greentown Nova, etc.), Cameron Square Shopping Plaza, Cameron in the summer resort Cameron Highlands Square (eg Aranda Nova The Square, The Retreat), 3 star Family & Serviced Hotel, etc. SHENG TAI started the acquisition plan (White Knight) in 2017, merged with other companies, and are more active in the real estate industry. Example: they have partnered with TITAN RITZ, ALORIE (Hotel Management Partner), etc., and have also focused on real estate sales. Example: they sell Damansara City condominiums, SkyVilla @ LamanVila (KL), PETRIE VILLA (Johor), and have a wealth of experience in selling properties. Since then, it has expanded its business to real estate property development, hotel and resort ownership, real estate services, acquisition and redevelopment, MM2H, and has offices in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Shanghai, China, Seattle, USA, Dubai, and Japan. They are also planning to open offices in Beijing, Taiwan and South Korea. The founder of SHENG TAI INTERNATIONAL is Dato Leong Sir Ley, a career woman who was originally an attorney and a legal officer. Perhaps because of the attorney relationship, the legal partner companies (Petaling Jaya, Shah Alam, Ipoh) support more than 50 attorneys. You can see that how powerful they manage real estate business. TABINIKO will continue to write blogs for Regalia Beachfront Residence and Ames Hotel → Click Blog. See also The Sail's blog at Melaka → Click Blog.

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5 Reasons that why Buy & Invest Nova Ampang Condos for

[ Reason1 ]

Located in KLCC (Kuala Lumpur City Center), the center of Kuala Lumpur:

Nova Ampang is very close to KLCC, about 8 minutes drive (about 4km) to Malaysia's symbol Twin Towers (KLCC). Twin Towers (KLCC) is a prime location with high value in Malaysia. Office towers, banks, malls, serviced apartments and hotels are concentrated here, and land pieces is running out. Since then, the development of embassies area has expanded to further distance of Jalan Ampang where Nova Ampang located.

[ Reason2]