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Tropical Villa Serviced Suite in Seri Kembangan. Nice House Courtyard pool side luxury day

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

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Tropical Villa Serviced Suite. It's like a House type Hotel in another world

We are selling this property please feel free to contact us for more information.

Hello! Malaysia is very hot these days ((+ _ +)) I'm Aya, a Japanese wife who is suffering from the summer heat. This time I would like to introduce a newly built house type Villa in Seri Kembangan, South of Kuala Lumpur. Um, where is it? You may be wondering. It is about 30 minutes away by car from Kuala Lumpur city. It's a modern, quiet and relaxing place, so I would love to introduce it. Travelers often stay at Sky Condominium and Hotels in Kuala Lumpur, but this type of accommodation make me feel fresh! It is also a great place for staycations or a place for relax. There is also a studio type. If you step out of this accommodation, you will be happy to find local food stalls and markets surrounding! It's located in a local residential area, so when you enter the Tropical Villa Serviced Suite, it's like a different world!

The lovely courtyard has a swimming pool, rest area and gym.

There is a pond and carps are swimming. The courtyard has a lot of greenery and is in good condition, so it feels great to take a walk in a cool time!

This house is duplex type with a bedroom on the upper floor and a living / dining / kitchen on the lower floor, which is quite BIG size. Recommended for long stays! There is no station that can be reached on foot, but you can reach the station in a few minutes by car. KTM Serdang station in about 10 minutes by car. It takes about 20 minutes by car to reach LRT Sungai Besi station. MRT Line2 is currently under construction at Sungai Besi Station and is scheduled to be completed in July 2021.

This is the lower floor. After all, everything is wide! From the living room to the dining room to the kitchen, it's a dream-like home!

This is the kitchen. It is a spacious kitchen with a gas stove. In this house have almost everything you need for your daily life, such as a refrigerator, washing machine, microwave oven, and gas stove, so it's perfect for long-stay and short-stay guests! For me who cooks every day, it is a nice point to be able to cook on the gas stove! There are also two sinks so it's easy to work with! If you live in Malaysia and want to spend your weekends in a house like this, please come and join us!

This room is a studio room. It is large enough for two people to stay. Tropical Villa Serviced Suite is: 1. There are 2 or more shower & toilet rooms in a room of 2LDK or more.

2. It's fun because everyone can get together in the living room and get together! So, when traveling with family or friends of 3 or more, please use the duplex type family suite! Absolutely fun!

This is the gym room. Sports in a cool room overlooking the pool!

It is the entrance. Security checks is requested.

Aya Tips ・ When you enter the gate, there is a reception desk, so please check in there. The service is basically the same as the hotel. Example: Reception, 24-hour system, with or without breakfast. ・ There is a spacious parking lot, so you can stay by car!

Tropical Villa Serviced Suite selling Point

「Relax in a nice house」 + 「Fashionable new and modern interior」 + 「Luxury in the courtyard pool and gym」

Room Introducing

(1) Studio Studio room. Up to 2 people. 2 single beds, free WiFi

(2) Family Suite Family suite. Up to 6 people. Bedroom 1 has 2 single beds, Bedroom 2 has 2 single beds, bedroom 3 has 1 king bed, free WiFi

Surrounding information ・ There are many local food stalls such as Mamak stalls of Indian origin and Kopitiam stalls of Chinese origin nearby! There are many delicious and cheap ones. All within walking distance. But be careful when walking outside at night. ・ It is about 30 to 40 minutes by car to downtown areas such as Twin Towers KLCC and Bukit Bintang. ・ Do you know Beryl's Chocolate? It is a famous chocolate brand in Malaysia that everyone buys a lot as souvenirs. The good news is that the Beryl's Chocolate factory is near the Tropical Villa Serviced Suite! About 7 minutes by car. You need to make an online reservation for the Belize Chocolate factory tour, but even if you don't plan to have a tour, it is recommended to buy Belize Chocolate at that shop! Because it's cheaper and cheaper than buying in the city! !! !! I'd love to! !! !! Be sure to read the blog of the Belize Chocolate Factory below!

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