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Wedgewood Residences at Mont Kiara [TABINIKO Malaysia Property Tour] No20 Latest property

Spacious 3 bedroom residence in Mont Kiara for rent from 1 month to 1 year

【 Malaysia Long stay Malaysia Property Apartment Hotel Travel Rental MM2H Blog】update OCT 2022

We will introduce more Malaysian residences! The property this time is Wedgewood Residences, which welcomes you with European-style interiors in Mont Kiara. This 11-story residence is recommended for families. We can see the actual unit. Let's go see it together.

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Wedgewood Residences offers 1-day stays, short-term monthly stays, long-term annual rentals, and sales. Please contact us for more info.

60123422022 (Whatsapp OK) or

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Heavy wooden door.

Ceiling is high in lobby with European-style interior decoration and furniture, is this Malaysia? The atmosphere is difference. There are many chairs and sofas, and it is very quiet, so you can relax here by reading a book or drinking tea. I don't think there are many lobbies where you can relax like this at a hotel or residence.

You can have tea with your friends or have a small business meeting.

Luxurious red carpet!

■「1.Now in September 2022」:

「Location + Station & Building Information」:

Wedgewood Residences is one of the oldest residences in Mont Kiara, about 15 years old. Older residences are over 20 years old. However, most of the residences in Mont Kiara don't feel that old even though they are over 20 years old! Looking at the photo above of the lobby of Wedgwood Residence, the space is elegant and modern and very clean. The reason why the lobby and check-in counters are maintained is because it is operated as a hotel.

Wedgewood Residences are equipped with several standardized amenities for residents such as internet access, swimming pool, children's pool, playground, gym, gardens, and housekeeping services. In addition, it is equipped with CCTV surveillance, with 24/7 security.

It’s an elegant low-rise condominium, the 11-storey residence has just 78 rooms, and is designed as a single block. It can be described as a low-density residential environment.

Wedgewood Residence is one of the few hotel-serviced residences in Mont Kiara, with 3 bedrooms available for monthly or yearly rentals. Please contact Tabiniko. (Few other residences in Mont Kiara have 3 bedroom monthly)

In addition to 3 bedrooms, there are also many 2 bedrooms and 1 bedrooms. The Solaris Mont Kiara Shoplots commercial area with supermarkets, banks, restaurants, and cafes is within walking distance.


・We can discuss whether housekeeping service (twice a week), Wi-Fi, utility costs (limited) are included or not, so please contact us each time.

(Please note that housekeeping does not include washing clothes and does not include toiletries such as toilet paper.)

・Since it is an 11-story low-rise residence, it is ideal for families with children and the elderly.

Type 1

< 3bedroom Suite > 2002 sq ft, 1livingroom 3bedroom 2bath

1 king bed, 1 Queen bed, 2 single beds

・Equipped with a living room with a balcony and a bedroom with a fan and air conditioning. In addition, each room has a closet (storage shelf), and two shower and toilet rooms have bathtubs. You can enjoy a comfortable life.

・Additional 1 study room/store room, 1 maid room, 1 powder room. 2000 square feet of spacious comfortably sized furnished room.

・One parking lot is provided.

Type 2

< 2bedroom Suite > 1001 sq. ft, 1livingroom 2bedroom 2bath

2 single beds, 1 Queen bed

・A closet (storage shelf) is installed, and the second bedroom has a bathtub. Comfortable size and spacious furnished room.

・Please note that this room does not come with a washing machine and dryer in the room.

The washing machine and dryer are located right outside the room and can be shared free of charge.

・One parking lot is provided.

Type 3

< 1bedroom Suite > 850 sq. ft, 1livingroom 1bedroom 1bath

1 king bed

・ A closet (storage shelf) is installed, and the bedroom has a bathtub! Comfortable size and spaciously furnished rooms.

・Please note that this room does not come with a washing machine and dryer in the room.

The washing machine and dryer are located right outside the room and can be shared free of charge.

・One parking lot is provided.

■「Type 1 < 3bedroom Suite >」:

It depends on the room, but this room has a nice view and is quiet, and the veranda connected to the living room is quite large, so you may want to spend time on the veranda during the cooler hours. If you live here, it's great to be able to eat breakfast here 😊 You can spend a relaxing and luxurious time. The view is open as there are no tall buildings nearby.

<Living Room>

The living room is spacious with a 3-seater sofa and a 2-seater sofa!

<Dinning Room>

The kitchen and living dining room are facing each other, so you can look over the living and dining rooms while cooking. I cook every day, and my children are small, so I dream to have this style. I wish to live in a house with a face-to-face kitchen someday.


And the kitchen is so big!! ! You can also store a lot.

It also has a microwave, an oven, and a large refrigerator.

I've never seen a place with both an IH and a gas stove. Even if you want to use IH, the pan may not support it, so it is convenient to use both.

Gas has recently jumped in price, so we will be using gas tank instead of Malaysia gas.

With washing machine and dryer

<Master Bedroom>

There is also a king-size bed, a desk that can be used as a dresser and a computer, a closet (storage shelf) that can store a lot, and a TV. It is large enough to accommodate another king size bed.

Shower room with bathtub. Relax while looking at the scenery ☺️ Although it is not shown in the photo, there is also a shower room on the left side. The washbasin and mirror are large and easy to use.

<Second Room>

The second room is also spacious. The shower and toilet room are shared between the second room and the third room, and there is also a bathtub here.

<Third Room>

There are two single beds here. There is also a closet (shelf for storage).

There is also a clothes dryer on the veranda. It's hard to find a residence that even has a clothesline.

For an extra charge, you can have meals in your room. Looks delicious 😋

Wedgewood Residences offers 1-day stays, short-term monthly stays, long-term annual rentals and sales. Please contact us for more info.

60123422022 (Whatsapp OK) or

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5 reasons to rent and stay at Wedgewood Residences:

1. Recommended for families who want to live in Mont Kiara.

2. There are several internationals in Mont Kiara, a city for foreigners and families

3. Large kitchen

4. Just 2-3 minutes’ drive to Publika Mall, where you can find all the amenities and conveniences you need for your life.

5. Walking distance to Solaris Mont Kiara Shop lots commercial area with supermarkets, banks, restaurants and cafes.

■「Type 2 < 2bedroom Suite >」:

<Living Dining Room>


There is also a large kitchen here! It also has a large refrigerator.

<Master Bedroom>

It has a queen size bed and a TV. Although it is not a shower room with a bathtub, each room has a shower room. The handy light above the bed is also a nice point!

<Second Room>

2 single beds + TV. This room has a shower room with a bathtub.

■「Type 3 < 1bedroom Suite >」

<Living Room>

Spacious with veranda.

There is no kitchen in the one-bedroom suite, but it is equipped with a refrigerator, microwave oven, electric kettle, cups, plates, etc.

If you ask the front desk, you can borrow a rice cooker and a toaster.

< Bedroom >

It also has a king-size bed, a small desk and chair, and a TV.

Shower room with bathtub. The right side of the photo is the shower room. The washroom is also large.

Outside the room, there is a washing machine, a washbasin, and a dryer. This is a shared space between the two rooms.


The breakfast at this hotel is very delicious 😋 We went there before 9:30 on a weekday, so there was no one and it was reserved, but it was crowded around 7:30 before going to work and school. I can see why it would be crowded.

It's a low-density residence, so you won't pass many people in the lobby, but the fact that the breakfast venue is crowded is proof that it's delicious! I want to come again to eat 😊

I was greedy and got almost all kinds! Ah, but I forgot to eat porridge, salad, and fruit. . . Maybe next time! All were really delicious.

There was also my favorite guava juice. I was happy to have fresh guava juice in the morning.

RM30 per adult. RM23 per child.

Egg dishes are made on the spot at the counter here. The freshly made egg dish was also very delicious.

It was a delicious breakfast, so my son ate a lot😋

■「4.Pool & Gym」

The pool is probably a 25m pool, so it is recommended for those who really want to swim. There is a lawn next to the pool, so you can let small children play and have a picnic!

There is also a playground that children will love. My son mowing the lawn. It looked comfortable with barefoot.

The gym is well maintained and clean with a wide variety of machines.

There are also 3 running machines.

■「5.Other equipment」

There are also buses to international schools, shopping centers and KL Sentral station. (Please check at reception)

You can also rent a bicycle. (Please check at reception)

There is also a computer room. You can do a little research.

A water purifier is also located in the elevator hall leading to the lobby.

Wedgewood Residences offers 1-day stays, short-term monthly stays, long-term annual rentals and sales. Please contact us for more info.

60123422022 (Whatsapp OK) or

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