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(Shop Info) Small Hawker Center in Imbi, KL

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

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Shop name:





Honda @ Jalan Imbi (193&195, Jalan Imbi, Imbi, 55100)

In front of Honda show room.


Business Hour:

6pm to 11pm (Closed on Tuesday usually)


Surrounding but it will very crowded. Maybe walk there is better.

My remark:

Well, its very hard to find a KOPIDIAM(Hawker center) in Bukit Bintang area but its the very old Hawker stall in the district. From my local friend, saying that its been about 30 to 40 years those Hawker stall selling here. There are another Hawker center (like food court) next to the Chinese temple but today will not talk about it. Lets' go back to this Hawker stall. Its' consist of only few stall like the AMPANG YOU TAO FU 安邦酿豆腐, PAN MEE 板面, CHAW KEOY TEW 炒粿条, Thai Food 泰小吃, Grill fish 烤鱼, Bun&DIM SUM 包及点心, Drink 饮料. My favorite is the fried dumpling from the AMPANG YOU TAO FU 安邦酿豆腐, the crunchy vegetables texture is the best and fresh for me! Please check all type of those food that I ordered from the picture. The fried dumpling is my recommendation and please try and you will got addicted to it. According to local, the small park next this Hawker stall now covered by construction fence and closed. So, I think this Hawker stall also will be closed in the near future because of the development. Please go before it all close.

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