Agile Bukit Bintang【TABINIKO Malaysia Property Tour】 No4

Updated: Aug 11

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Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia:Buy or invest a condominium at prime location, Bukit Bintang

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Malaysia is still in the rush to build new condominiums. Are you focusing only on the timing of your investment? There are times when good properties will come out, right? It's the same real estate as The Agile Embassy Garden that I introduced last time, and it's the "timing" when "good properties" come out, so I'd like to introduce Agile Bukit Bintang! This is the 4th time. We will keep introduce Malaysian real estate under the title of "TABINIKO Malaysia Property Tour" and also conduct real estate tours. During the tour, we will discuss and the Local Real Estate Company Sales or a professional Real Estate Agent will assist you for each question. Jom! (Meaning to go in Malay) Let's go see the actual situation of Malaysian properties!

■「1.Sales Gallery」: February 2020

Property Location + Station & Building information」:

Agile Bukit Bintang, same street with Pavilion Shopping Mall, which is one of the popular Malaysia's leading shopping malls, and it's about 7 minutes on foot (about 600m) from The Agile Bukit Bintang condominium, truly the best location.Global brand Hotels like JW Marriot Hotel Kuala Lumpur (550m), The Ritz-Carlton Kuala Lumpur (400m), The Westin Kuala Lumpur (500m) Is within walking distance. The address is Jalan Bukit Bintang in downtown, so it's just a "Brand Address". What's more, the Prince Court Medical Center, where customers from around the world come to see their health, is about a 7-minute walk or a 5-minute drive away. Prince Court, like a hotel, also offers Japanese language service depending on the time. Furthermore, from Agile Bukit Bintang to Malaysia's symbol Twin Towers (KLCC) is about 8-10 minutes drive or about 30 minutes walk ( through Bukit Bintang downtown area, Sky Brigde)

Agile Bukit Bintang scheduled to be completed in late 2022 (December). The nearest notable stations are the MRT1 Tun Razak Exchange (TRX) stations, which are only 350m-400m away. The Brand New Financial District is under construction, the banking area, where offices, residence condominiums (Core Residence, which is being jointly constructed by a Malaysian real estate company and a Chinese real estate company, have been announced), malls, hotels, parks, etc. are under construction. The signature office tower TRX 106 (The Exchange 106 TRX) has 106 floors and 492 m while Twin Towers has 88 floors and 452 m. Meanwhile, PNB 118, 118-story 644m skyscraper is also under construction in KL Chinatown area. Surrounding TRX106, in the head office of insurance company Prudential, the head office of bank HSBC (scheduled to be completed in December 2020), Affin Bank (scheduled to be completed in 2021), and the four-story mall Lifestyle Quarter. Seibu department stores in Japan and supermarkets of the Daily Farm Group in Hongkong will become tenants. In addition, the MRT2 Tun Razak Exchange is under construction at the same station as the MRT1. The MRT TRX station is the only station in the city where MRT1 and MRT2 interchange in the city, except the suburban MRT Sungai Buloh. It is an important station for Greater KL development (metropolitan area development).

The MRT1 TRX and MRT2 TRX stations can be reached to KLCC area, Majlis Jamek, Pasar Seni (Central Market in Chinatown) and KL Central. Once the MRT2 station is completed, you will be able to reach Conlay (Bukit Bintang area), Bandar Malaysia (plan to build the Shinkansen), Putrajaya & Cyberjaya to the south, etc. The location is just perfect!

Agile Bukit Bintang has towers A, B and C. Tower A is 37th floor, Tower B is 60th floor, and Tower C is 52nd floor. There are about 1501 units in these 3 towers. In addition, there are 66 SOVO Small Office Virtual Offices (SOVO: which can be a residential office but can be an office) and 14 commercial shops. Property Ownership: Free Hold.

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「Developer Real Estate Company」:

Agile Group is a real estate company (Stock Code 3383) listed in Hong Kong in 2005. More than 200 projects completed so far Example: Marriott (Shanghai), Raffles (Hainan), Sheraton (HuiZhou), Jumeirah (Sanya), etc. In addition, Malaysia has Agile Mont Kiara, The Agile Embassy Garden.

5 Reasons for Why Buy & Invest Agile Bukit Bintang Condos:

[Reason 1] Located at the same boulevard as Malaysia's downtown Bukit Bintang, it has a world-renowned address: Banks, world-famous hotels, eg The Westin Kuala Lumpur, The Ritz-Carlton Kuala Lumpur Companies and shopping malls are all around, one of the most valuable place in Malaysia. The popular Pavillion Shopping Mall is also about a 7-minute walk away. You can see its value because it is in a prime location.

[Reason 2]

Only about 5 minutes walk to the new MRT2 station (scheduled to be completed in 2021) and the existing MRT1 station:

About 400m walk to the existing MRT1 TRX station. Transfer to the new MRT2 station that will be built in 2021. From here you can reach the other 72 stations.

[Reason 3] There are also malls, restaurants, and supermarkets, and great daily amenities are provided: In addition to Pavilion Shopping Mall, Fahrenheit 88 Shopping Mall, Lot 10 Isetan, and Sungei Wang Plaza. (There is a local supermarket called Giant inside.) also located at downtown Bukit Bintang area. Furtheremore, you also can go to the Plaza Low Yat, which sells electronic and IT products in centers like the Electric Town, etc.also are located on this Jalan Bukit Bintang. Many banks and hotels are also concentrated.

[Reason 4]

First-class design:

A condominium that designed by Singapore's world's largest and prestigious DP Architects. The world's largest mall → Dubai Mall, Singapore's comprehensive arts and cultural facility → Esplanade --Theatres on the Bay are also designed by DP Architects.

[Reason 5] Expectations of increased value: When the MRT2 under construction is completed nearby, there is a sense of expectation that the value will increase again. MRT2 Persiaran KLCC Station (KLCC East) is about a 10-minute walk towards KLCC. To the south, there is also the Bandar Malaysia project, which plans to build a huge underground city. It is about five times as large as the Twin Towers Park, 197 hectares (486.798 acres), and the underground city is the second largest after Montreal in Canada. In addition, since it is a downtown area of ​​Bukit Bintang area, this location is easy to rent and you can expect the value to increase.

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■「2.Furnished room」

Room type:

1.Type A:1 + 1 bedroom (1 toilet)

「A2-1」 625 sqft (約58.1㎡)

「A2-2」 638 sqft (約59.3㎡)

「A2-3」 631 sqft (約58.7㎡)

「A2-4」 616 sqft (約57.3㎡)

2.Type B:1 + 1 bedroom (1 toilet)

「B5」 716 sqft (約66.6㎡)

「B6」 687 sqft (約63.3㎡)

「B7」 702 sqft (約65.3㎡)

3.Type C:2 bedrooms (2 toilets)

「C2-1」 895 sqft (約83.2㎡)

「C2-2」 922 sqft (約85.7㎡)

「C2-3」 886 sqft (約82.4㎡)

「C2-4」 935 sqft (約86.9㎡)

4.Type D:3 bedrooms (3 toilets)

「D1」 1157 sqft (約107.5㎡)

「Type A:1 + 1 bedroom (1 toilet)→「「A2-1」625 sqft (約58.1㎡)」:

1 bedroom + 1 study room, 625 sqft (about 58.1 ㎡). Recommended size for investment. It is a size that fits overseas residents, expatriates living alone, or couples.

It will be sale with basic electrical appliances and furniture attached (need to be confirmed at site). Tableware, lights and some furniture are only for decorations and are not included.

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Master bedroom. The windows is big and the daylighting is very nice. The interior of the showroom is fashionable. I just can't stop to think about what kind of furniture to arrange and how to lay it out if I get this property (Lol). Real estate investment in Malaysia are not as high as in Japan. Agile Bukit Bintang is good for investment or for your own living in the city!

With home appliances.

「Type B:1 + 1 bedroom (1 toilet)→「B5」716 sqft (約66.6㎡」:

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Spacious living room. The dining room and kitchen at the same area.

The "+1" in the 1 + 1 bedroom means a study room and can also be used as a second room as described above.

Nice master bedroom.

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「Type C:2 bedrooms (2 toilets)→「C2-1」895 sqft (約83.2㎡)」:

This is a big type of room.

The specious of the area, the more you can enjoy your life with a large sofa!

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