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Le Nouvel KLCC (ル ノーブル 嘉峰名邸) at KLCC [TABINIKO Malaysia Property Tour] No12

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

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If you live just in front of Twin Tower (KLCC), the symbol of Malaysia. What is the feeling?

I keep Introducing Malaysian condominiums. The property this time is a condominium in front of Twin Tower with a shopping mall of Suria KLCC just across the road! Last time, I introduced Grand Ion Majestic condominium in Genting, but this time I will return to Kuala Lumpur City. Look at the appearance of Le Nouvel KLCC, it is a luxury condominium that is covered with plants and makes you wonder what the inside in the condo? Follow me and let me show you the actual unit. Let's go see it together.

This is the 12rd time. We will keep introduce Malaysian real estate under the title of "TABINIKO Malaysia Property Tour" and also conduct real estate tours. During the tour, we will discuss and the Local Real Estate Company Sales or a professional Real Estate Agent will assist you for each question. Jom! (Meaning to go in Malay) Let's go see the actual situation of Malaysian properties!

■「1.Now in August 2020」:

「Property location + Station & Building Information」:

The Le Nouvel KLCC, the most characteristic for this residence is that the location is just in front of the opposite road of Malaysian symbol Twin Towers (KLCC)! And the exterior is covered with plants, which makes it a rare building in Kuala Lumpur City. There is such a building in Singapore as well. The real estate company that developed of Le Nouvel KLCC is a Singaporean company. The most notable point is that you can reach the famous mall + KLCC LRT + KLCC Park in the city within just 5 minutes on foot! Isetan and Suria KLCC shopping center and Robinsons Kuala Lumpur shopping center, which is the only Kinokuniya bookstore in Malaysia, are in front of you, and Avenue K shopping center is next door, so both are on foot. Immediately! It's perfect for shopping. By the way, another Malaysian popular Pavilion Shopping Mall can be reached in about 8-10 minutes by car. The world-famous brand hotels Four Seasons Hotel and W Hotel are also nearby, making this is the "Brand Address".

The Le Nouvel KLCC condominium was completed in mid-2017 and went on sale in 2018. The nearest station is LRT KLCC (Twin Tower) Station, which is about a 2 to 5minute walk. Facing Jalan Ampang Road, an important street that crosses the city for about 10 km, it is also known as Embassy Row and is surrounded by embassies from 53 countries. It is said that security is relatively good due to the concentration of expatriates. By using LRT KLCC (Twin Tower) stations, you can go to Majlis Jamek station (transfer station to other lines), Pasar Seni station (Chinatown with various shops such as souvenirs and food stalls and Central Market), you can reach to KL Central Station (the city center station where you can transfer to each train) with a single train. It's easy to go out because you can use the train as well as the car!

The Le Nouvel KLCC residence is two-building, purely residential condominium. It is Build-then-sell (BTS), it will be sold after the property is completed. The land area of ​​the condominium is 1.5 acres. It is 43rd floor ro 49th floor above the ground. There are about 194 rooms in all towers. Rooms range from 1,722 sqft to 2,110 sqft (approximately 159 m2 to 196 m2). Ownership of the property is Freehold.

「Developer 」:

This property is being developed by Wing Tai Asia. In the 1950s, Wing Tai was headquartered in Hong Kong and subsequently expanded to Singapore in 1963. Wing Tai Hong Kong is also a real estate investment company, but it also produces and trades apparel. Since then, its subsidiary, Wing Tai Asia, has expanded into Malaysia and China as well as Hong Kong and Singapore, and is also involved in real estate development and investment, fund management, commercial building and hotel management management. Wing Tai Asia has so far developed Verticasi Residensi (Bukit Ceylon) in Kuala Lumpur, Le Nouvel KLCC, Nobleton Crest (U-Thant KLCC area) in low-rise luxury condominiums, Mahkota Impian in Penang, Lakeside, Superlink (Jesselton Hills Phase 2), Sentinelle Ville. TABINIKO also introduces Nobleton Crest (U-Thant KLCC area), a low-rise luxury condominium.→ Click Blog


Pool and pond.

A powerful Twin Tower view. The whole picture of the Twin Tower does not fit in the camera....

5 reasons Why buy & invest in a Le Nouvel KLCC condominium

[ Reason1 ]

Located at the same boulevard with Malaysia's Symbol Twin Towers (KLCC), a world-renowned address

Same street with KLCC, Citibank HQ, SoSofitel, Four Seasons Hotel, W Hotel, Ritz Carlton Residence = 1st Class Address. You can see its value.

[ Reason2]

You can easily walk to malls, restaurants and supermarkets. Mature Living amenities

In addition to Suria KLCC shopping mall, Robinsons Kuala Lumpur shopping mall, Avenue K shopping mall, Linc Mall and Intermark mall are about 5 minutes away by car. There is also another retail mall call Intermark. It is very convenient to live here because it is a city with well-equipped lifestyle amenities such as high-end restaurants, various restaurants, supermarkets (with Japanese ingredients), cafes, and general stores.

[ Reason3 ]

The nearest station is LRT KLCC station. The next station is LRT AMPANG PARK station, and a new MRT line 2 station is under construction

The nearest station is LRT KLCC (Twin Tower) Station only about 2 min walk from Le Nouvel KLCC. In the other side, it takes about 10-15 minutes on foot from Le Nouvel KLCC can be reached to LRT AMPANG PARK Station (Ampang Park). AMPANG PARK station is a transfer station where two lines, LRT and MRT2, making it even more convenient. Once the MRT2 AMPANG PARK station is completed, it can reach to Conlay station (Bukit Bintang area), Tun Razak Exchange station (New Financial District), Bandar Malaysia station (plan to build Shinkansen), Putrajaya & Cyberjaya station etc. The location is good with 2 stations of LRT + MRT connecting to 72 stations!

[ Reason4 ]

First-Class Design & Luxury Facilities

It is a fully equipped facility with a luxurious design. Lounge, game room, theater room, karaoke room, gym and pool on the 7th floor. A party lounge on the 34th floor, a link bridge corridor (similar to a twin tower) where you can take a break while reading, and a party lounge with a large wine cellar. The 34th floor, also known as the [Skybridge Club House], is designed by the Italian company Saporiti Italia with the theme of "Nature". A condominium where you can use each luxury facility and realize a dream-like lifestyle. Residents can use it free of charge. This condominium was designed by French architect Jean Nouvel and is one of his masterpieces. Le Nouvel KLCC also designed by Singapore company Arc Studio Architecture + Urbanism designer Khoo Peng Beng, Australian company, Guida Moseley Brown Architects designer Harold Guida, and Japanese company Toyo Ito & Associates designer Toyo Ito. For the plants that cover the exterior of the condominium, he said that he chose the best plants to grow in the building after spending three months in the forest.

[ Reason5 ]:

BIG Size condominium, which is rare in the KLCC area

Le Nouvel KLCC, rooms size from 1,722 sqft to 2,110 sqft (approximately 159 m2 to 196 m2), making it a rare large room in the Twin Towers area. In recent years, Malaysia has been rushing to build condominiums, and most of the city center is 1,000 sqft (about 92 m2) or less. The area tends to be smaller and smaller. For Malaysians, 1,000 sqft (about 92 m2) or less a consider as a small size image. It surely a luxury living if you could live in a BIG size condominium in the Twin Tower area! Real estate companies are also analyzing various things about to build a BIG Size condominiums in this area.

■「3.Furnished condominium」

Introducing the following room types this time:

1) Unit 4 Type 1894 2Bed Duplex

2) Unit 1 Type T2-A3 1830 2Room

3) Unit 3 Type T2-A4 1722 2Room

4) Unit 2 Type T2-A2 2110 3Room

※Already on sale.

1) Unit 4 Type 1894 2Bed Duplex:

There is a touch panel that can be operated immediately after entering the entrance, and you can control the electricity of the house (details to be confirmed). Whether you go out or come home, you can switch on and off the lights, air conditioner, etc. with this touch panel, which is very convenient!

Fashionable kitchen + dining. This room is a duplex type, the living room and dining room are atrium, and the ceiling is up to the second floor.

Behind me is a built-in coffee maker. I have been touring various properties so far, but I saw it for the first time.

This is a coffee maker.

There is also a storage for warming the cup under the coffee maker. What a luxury!

Next to the coffee maker is a washer and dryer.

This is the ceiling of the living-dining atrium. The high ceiling will let you feel FREEDOM.

Here is the Dry Kitchen, facing the living / dining room. Dry Kitchen, a kitchen that entire floor where remain dry. Also is a place to prepare coffee and tea and do household chores to warm food. Furthermore, it with disposer! This is common in Japan, I also saw this for the first time in a Malaysian property.

Behind the coffee maker, washing machine and dryer, there is a kitchen called Wet Kitchen, which mainly for cooking. A refrigerator is also installed. Wet Kitchen is actually a kitchen that can be cleaned while running water on the floor, and it has a drainage ditch and the floor is slightly tilted. However, the Wet Kitchen in Malaysian homes seems to rarely clean the floor with water.

There is also a light under the cabinet! There is no such thing in an old condominium, and the condominium I live in hasn't been built for more than 10 years, so I added it myself.

The exterior is covered with plants and you can see it from the kitchen window, so it looks like you will have a refreshing morning. The windows can open for ventilate. As you can see, the sink is large and easy to use. This sink also has a disposer!

I want a dishwasher too! The size is also large.

It's a duplex type! Let's go up!

This is my dresser space! It's wide. It is fitted with glass so you can prepare for going out or read a book while looking at the view of the living / dining room below.

When you go up and enter the master bedroom, you will find the dresser room. The view looking up from the living room. It's a scene I've never seen before!

This is the master bedroom. It's nice to have mirrors on both sides of the bed!

The shower room has a big bathtub. Its been a while and I want to enter it! The window can open a little for ventilation.

The toilet and shower room are made of marble and are luxurious!

2) Unit 1 Type T2-A3 1830 2Room:

This is also a spacious and nice living room.

Dining and kitchen. The previous room had two kitchens (dry kitchen and wet kitchen), but this room is one kitchen. There is a coffee maker on the left side of the center of the photo.

Refrigerator, oven, IH cooking heater on the left of the photo. There are many home appliances and shelves, so you can store various things.

Study room

Second room

Master bedroom. It's quite wide. The left side of the photo is a shower room (with bathtub) and toilet when you open the door. There are also two washrooms.

It feels like you're in a hotel because it uses plenty of marble.

There are also many closets!

3) Unit 3 Type T2-A4 1722 2Room:

Spacious living dining! You can have a party of 20-30 people! !! The kitchen is at another room. The kitchen is behind the door on the right of the photo.

The kitchen is divided as a room, windows open for ventilation. The sink is also large and this also has a disposer. There is also a dishwasher.

There is also a coffee maker, oven and refrigerator. You can also store a lot.

You can let your kids play in this space or use it as a study!

How about this unit?

4) Unit 2 Type T2-A2 2110 3Room:

Second room & third room

A unit with 3 bedrooms.


7F Lounge(ラウンジ), Game Room(ゲームルーム), Theather Room(シアタールーム), Karaoke Room(カラオケルーム):

There is also the same coffee maker as the type in the room.

You can also have a meeting here while drinking coffee.

Since there are two TVs, you can play up to two sets of games.

34F Party Lounge(パーティーラウンジ), Reading area bridge(読書リンクブリッジ),

Dining party Lounge(ダイニングパーティーラウンジ):

Party Lounge(パーティーラウンジ):