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Star Residence KLCC(Star Suite KLCC) at KLCC [TABINIKO Malaysia Property Tour] No19 Latest property

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

What if live in an apartment/condominium close to the symbol of Malaysia, the Twin Towers (KLCC)?

【 Malaysia Long stay, Malaysia Property, Apartment, Hotel, Travel, Rental , MM2H, Blog】update OCT 2022

I will continue to introduce Malaysian apartments/condominium! This condominium located about 8 minutes on foot to the Twin Towers where the Suria KLCC shopping mall is located! You can see the actual place. Let's go see it together.

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「1.Now in August 2022」:

「Property location + station & building information」:

The biggest selling point of the Star Residence KLCC (Star Suite) apartment is that the twin towers (KLCC), the symbol of Malaysia, are located at about 650m away only. The developer for Star Residence is Symphony Life & UM Land. The biggest point of interest is that you can go to the famous mall in KL + KLCC LRT + KLCC park in about 6 to 8 minutes on foot. You can also walk to Isetan and Suria KLCC, where the only Kinokuniya bookstores in Malaysia! and Avenue K shopping malls, definitely no complaints about the shopping. By the way, Pavilion Shopping Mall, another Malaysia representative happening mall, can also be reached in about 13 to 15 minutes by car. The world-famous brand hotels Four Seasons Hotel and W Hotel are also nearby, making this place a “Branded address”.

Star Residence KLCC (Star Suite) apartment was completed in 2019. The nearest station is LRT KLCC (Twin Tower) station, about 6 to 8 minutes on foot. Located on Jalan Yap Kwan Seng road, there are some other new apartments along this district.Jalan Yap Kwan Seng is also connected to another important road in the city, which is call Jalan Ampang, is an important road crossing the city for about 10km, also known as Embassy Row. Surrounded by the embassies of 53 countries, and with a high concentration of expats, it is a relatively safe area.

From LRT KLCC (Twin Towers) station, you can interchange to Majlis Jamek station (transfer station for 3 lines), Pasar Seni station (Chinatown with various shops such as souvenirs and stalls and Central Market). You also can go to KL Sentral station (terminal station of KL) by one line. It's easy to go out because you can use the train instead of the car!

■「2.Pool &View」

If the camera is horizontal, the whole picture of the twin towers will not fit. . . It's powerful!

It was a sunny day, and the Twin Towers, KL Tower, and PNB118 building with the blue sky background looked very beautiful. You can see the city of KL without going up to the observatory.

The sunset is a little hidden, but the city of KL at sunset is also very nice. Is the mountain in the background the Genting Highlands? ?

The twin towers lit up at night are even more beautiful! !

There are desks, chairs, and sofas by the pool, so if it's not raining, you can eat here, chat with friends, and spend a luxurious time.

If it's not too hot, you can sit on the bench, read a book, or relax.

Star Residence KLCC offers 1-day stays, short-term monthly stays, long-term annual rentals and sales. Please contact us for more info.

5 reasons to rent and stay at Star Residence KLCC:

1. It's still new condominium, so you can enjoy newer appliances and facilities.

2. Equipped with a king size bed, suitable for single or couple lifestyle.

3. Only 650m walk to Malaysia's iconic KLCC Suria Mall and 50 acre KLCC Park.

4. Not only KLCC Suria Mall, but also Avenue K Mall, it has all the amenities and conveniences you need for your life.

5. Walking distance to KLCC LRT station.


Type 1

< Standard Suite > 625 -711 sq ft, 1bedroom 1bath

Super King or Super Twin Beds

Type 2

< Deluxe Suite > 721-722 sq. ft, 2bedroom 1bath

Master bedroom: 1 king bed or Twin beds

Second bedroom: 1 Queen bed

If chose DELUXE KING, then you get:

Master bedroom: 1 king bed

Second bedroom: 1 Queen bed

If chose DELUXE TWIN, then you get:

Master bedroom: Twin beds

Second bedroom: 1 Queen bed

Type 2< Deluxe Suite>:

The kitchen is spacious with a counter. The wider it is, the easier it is to cook.

Space next to the living room. It has a lot of windows and is large, so it has excellent sun light.

Master bedroom

As you can see in the picture, this condo has more power point socket than other condos. It not convenience with only few power point socket.

Another room. There are no toilets or shower rooms.

The kitchen is spacious, so cooking is easy and there is plenty of storage.

IH with three mouths. With three, absolutely no problem and enough for cooking.

Sink is a little small. . . Well, this is Malaysia's standard size, so it can't be helped 💦💦

It also comes with an oven.

Although it is not shown in the photo, there is also a drum-type washing machine under the counter.

Since this room is used as a hotel, amenities are also available. The black bag on the right is a dryer.

Type 1< Standard Suite >:

The kitchen is smaller than the previous room, but compared to a single room in Japan, it's much larger, so it's easier to cook.

A living room where even my restless son can relax. There is a feeling of openness because the ceiling is high.


There is a rain shower. The wall of the shower room is also sparkling like the interior of Star Residence ✨✨

I also like that the shower room has a glass door. (Some condominiums do not have a door. If there is no door, the washroom is a mess and get wet...)


Lounge(ラウンジ), Game Room(ゲームルーム), Theather Room(シアタールーム), Karaoke Room(カラオケルーム):

You can play billiards, darts, games, etc. It's like a billiard hall.

The entrance of Star Residence 1. In front of the entrance is a drop-off area and a parking lot for several cars. If it is vacant, the car can be parked free of charge only for hotel guests.

Lobby. Both the interior and the interior are based on monotone, and modern art paintings and the red logo of Star Residence shine. A modern and pop cool lobby.

The lobby of Star Residence 2. The artistic pattern of the carpet shines in the chic tone interior, and this lobby is also pop and cool.

In front of the entrance of Star Residence 2. There are ☆ motifs in various places.


If you look closely, the glitter below is small☆. This was swaying in the wind and sparkling and beautiful!

There are three Star Residences: Star Residence 1, Star Residence 2, and ASCOTT HOTEL.


There is also a bakery, a local restaurant, and a mini supermarket under the residence, so it's convenient for a little shopping

Star Residence KLCC offers 1-day stays, short-term monthly stays, long-term annual rentals and sales. Please contact us for more info.

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