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Durian BB Farm in Raub, Pahang. Come and Enjoy All-you-can-eat freshly picked durian! Musang king

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

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All-you-can-eat freshly picked durian that is too delicious. There are also many types of durian, Musan King !Malaysia's first "Dorian BB University"

I'm Aya, a Japanese wife who loves durians. Japanese people, when they heard about durian, they will think it smells bad. I think there are many people who think that. Most Japanese are unaware of the deliciousness of this durian. At first I thought it was smelly and not delicious, but I fell in love with the delicious durian in Malaysia. People who eat delicious durians will love durians and their image will change. My mother was not like durian before, but since ate the delicious durians and now she loved them (^^ ♪ Then every time she came to Malaysia, she went to eat durians. When my relatives first came to Malaysia he also ate the delicious durian and said it was delicious! If you live in Malaysia, travel from Japan, or come to Malaysia, you have to eat delicious durians!!! The fresher the durian, the more delicious it is, so this time we will introduce "Durian BB Univerity" where you can eat fresh durian. The location is about 1 hour and 40 minutes drive from Kuala Lumpur, through Genting Highland and Benting, to the north at Raub.

When you arrive at DurianBB Farm, you will transform into something like this and pick up durians that naturally fall from the trees. This is how to eat Malaysian durian. It seems that Thai durians are generally picked by people climbing trees, which is in contrast to Malaysia. Durians that naturally fall from trees are fresher and tastier than durians sold in supermarket tappers! The taste is completely different! Eh, Dorian BB University? Classroom? What do you mean? ?? The TABINIKO team will explain. "Durian BB Univerity" is a strategy aimed at advertising effectiveness.

DurianBB University is a farm of Durian,

A classroom is an open-air covered rest area on a farm.

The professor is a young owner of the farm,

Textbooks (English and Chinese) are booklets that summarize durian cultivation, growth, distribution, characteristics, names, etc.

You are a student when you enter the school after paying the tuition fee. After a day (2-3 hours) of study and experience (all-you-can-eat Durian, of course), you will graduate from college and DurianBB University will issue you a named "graduation diploma". It's a rare and interested experience!

Reservations and inquiries are being accepted at TABINIKO: (Information will be provided in English or Chinese locally.) Entrance fee: Adults: RM280 / person (from 12 years old) Children: RM180 / person (4 to 11 years old), (0 to 3 years old children are free) Recommended admission time: (a) 12 pm, (b) 3 pm "12 pm time zone is recommended."

Precautions: 1. No refunds after booking. 2. Staying time in the park: 2-3 hours. (It depends on the situation on the day.) 3. DurianBB University is closed because it's not the Durian season right now. The current schedule is to resume from mid-May. We are waiting for many reservations.

DurianBB University classroom! Chairs, tables, teaching materials, tools, etc. are OK! Now that we have all of them, the class starts!

DurianBB's representative object is cute! Throughout the lessons, you will be able to identify the type of durian from the appearance of the durian. Each durian type has its own characteristics. Which is the legendary Musanking (猫山王)? If you study, you will be able to distinguish!

Seeds container, gloves, tissues, mineral water and, of course, textbooks will be provided. Oh, and the basket for durian hunting is ready.

This is Paul Yee, a young professor! It will tell you everything about durians. There are about 300 durian trees on this farm, which are over 30 years old. A 10-acre farm with four main types of durians: Black Thron [黒刺 Black Thron, code: D200], Bamboo Legs [竹脚 Tekka, code: D160], Summit XO [ 山頂XO, code: D24], Mu sang King [猫山王 Musang King, code: D197]. It is said that different types of durians may be brought from other farms. There are some types that cannot be eaten depending on the season, but most of them can be eaten except for 黒刺 Black Thron. The 黒刺 Black Thron is a Phantom Dream durian, and there are few and price higher than the 猫山王 Musang King. I couldn't eat it because that day I entered the school they dont have..... but instead of that I ate a lot cat 猫山王 Musang King ..... happiness!

Durian tree. This thick branch has many durian fruits, so it is a solid tree.

It seems that various varieties of durian are made by grafting on the original durian tree. Musang King is also a grafted method, and it is said that the Musang King tree is inserted into the original durian tree and cultivated.

In fact, flowers bloom from durian branches. The above hasn't bloomed yet, but according to the instructor, it will bloom between March and July. It is the process of blooming, scattering, and turning the fruit into a durian. July-August is the time when durians have the highest yields.

I hunted durians, but I could only have two (laughs)

The staff opened the durian and it was a blissful time! I ate a lot of Musang King that I was looking for! All my family are very satisfied. The staff will answer everyone's questions while explaining the smell and characteristics of each type of durian. Musang King has a star on its butt. Bamboo Legs are not round in shape. Those with irregularities. D24 has a small jagged in the center. Check it out before eating durian! Dogs also love durians! When I tried to take a picture of a dog eating a durian, I took the durian and ran away (laughs) I managed to take a momentary chance. There were several guard dogs, they protect our durians from being eaten by wild boars and snakes.

Finally, I got a diploma! Yay!!! It was a graduation diploma with a proper name (the explanation is written in English & Chinese)! My family was also happy to have a very good memory.

When I approached DurianBB University, the scenery of palm trees was very beautiful, so please take a look when you go. The rest area near the area from Kuala Lumpur to Janda Baik is also wonderful, and it's toilet time! There is a Durian BB Park store in the Imbi area of ​​downtown Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur! It's brought from the farm every morning so you can eat fresh durians. Also, only souvenirs of Durian sweets will be discounted by 10% in the slogan with [ Tabiniko ] ! Please try to buy!

Those souvenirs of Durian sweets are in a cute box and has a light durian taste overall, so please make sure to sprinkle it to Japan as a souvenir and bring it to the topic with your friend. if your request to the staff, they will let you try some.

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