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Embique Condotel at Melaka. [TABINIKO Malaysia Property Tour] No18 Latest property

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

Melaka, a World Heritage City in Malaysia. Embique Condotel located at the area where commercial, shopping malls, hotels and residential are concentrated in Melaka.

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Why invest in Melaka and what makes Melaka so attractive? It is a beautiful world heritage site that has prospered with various trades since ancient times. Located at the southern west coast of the Malaysia Peninsula and facing the Straits of Melaka, Melaka prospered as a trading hub as a strategic point for maritime transportation. The Kingdom of Melaka was born in the 15th century, and later became a colony of Portugal, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. Peranakans was born from the marriage of Chinese immigrants with diverse cultures, languages, ethnicities, and local Malay women. With this unique points, it was registered as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site in 2008. Wait a minute! I think these are still old-fashioned impressions of Melaka, but let's take a look at Melaka now from the perspective of why we invest in Melaka! Lets ’TABINIKO!

Viewpoint 1: Melaka Travel Industry Population under 900,000 (about 200,000 foreigners and 120,000 students), 17.8 million tourists visit each year. Looking at the number of tourists in 2018, Malaysians (about 11.33 million 66%) are the top, and the countries with the largest number overseas are China (about 1.77 million 31%) and Singapore (about 1.59 million 27%), Indonesia (about 810K, 14%), Taiwan (about 140K, 2.4%), Vietnam (about 110K. 2.1%). The number of traveler to Melaka is still increasing and the government's goal is to reach 20 million people annually. It also a trend of medical check up travel in Melaka, with promoting medical travel packages from hospitals will booth up Melaka's travel industry and the is positive.

Viewpoint 2: Industrial park There are also five industrial parks: Batu Berendam Industrial Free Trade Zone, Ayer Keroh Industrial Estate, Cheng Industrial Park (where Panasonic is located), Jasin industrial Park and Alor Gajah Industrial Estate! Isn't it surprising? Melaka also has Malaysia's largest solar power production plant, Malaysia's largest swallow processing plant, Southeast Asia's largest glass plant, and Southeast Asia's largest chip plant.

Viewpoint 3: Government project Viewpoint 3: A huge project called Melaka Gateway (planning) Melaka's most representative large-scale port comprehensive development project. Consisting of two artificial islands, one natural island (Pulau Panjang) and a landfilled island that extends into the sea, a cruise terminal, commercial and recreational facilities, housing, high-tech industrial estates and free trade zones, and a deep sea port, A container terminal and a shipbuilding facility are also planned in this project. It is estimated to attract 2.5 million tourists annually, create 40,000-45,000 jobs and bring 1.19 trillion ringgit to Melaka. Foreign investors are coming in one after another, especially China Money and Middle East Money. This Melaka gateway is consider to surpass Singapore's port, as Melaka is also on the route of the Economic Zone initiative proposed by China's One Belt, One Road Initiative (OBOR). Melaka is still getting a lot of attention.

Viewpoint 4: Accessibility Sea: The Strait of Melaka is a maritime transportation hub connecting the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean, and is one of the most using marine area in the world. Looking at the distribution of ship navigation, (1) the route from Angola in Africa to China, (2) the route from Saudi Arabia and Iran to China in the Persian Gulf in the Middle East, and (3) from China to other countries around the world. In other words, it's also a flow of money. The Straits of Melaka are also known as the Oil Road, as each large freighter carrying approximately 14 million barrels of crude oil travels in and out of the day. The golden road of Strait of Melaka still shining!

Land: It takes about 2 hours by car from Kuala Lumpur to Melaka, about 2.5 to 3 hours by car from Singapore to Melaka, and about 45 minutes by plane. It is a popular travel destination not only for Malaysian people but also for Singaporeans. There is also a high-speed railway (HSR) project from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore, which was temporarily canceled, but is scheduled to be re-announced after the end of May 2020 (plan). The seven Shinkansen stations connect Bandar Malaysia, Sepang-Putrajaya, Seremban, Melaka, Muar, Batu Pahat, Iskandar Puteri in Malaysia and Jurong East in Singapore in 90 minutes from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore. The fourth station, Melaka, is probably about 30 minutes from Bandar Malaysia. The planned construction site is in the Ayer Keroh district of Melaka. There is also a bridge project that connects Melaka to Indonesia, which has been stopped. The project is to cross the Melaka Strait 48.7km from Teluk Gong in Melaka to Pulau Rupat in Indonesia and arrive at Dumai 71.2km away. I don't know if it will resume......

Sky: If you fly from another country to Malaysia, it's convenient because it's not far away. For example, it takes about 4 hours from Hong Kong and Shenzhen, about 5 hours from Taiwan, about 6 hours from Shanghai, Beijing and South Korea, about 7 hours from Japan and Dubai, and about 9 hours from Australia. It's about 19 hours from Seattle, Amelia.

Viewpoint 5: Melaka's unique charm points that last for a long time Melaka's unique charm is that it has coexisted with the culture, language, ethnicity, customs, and food of Portugal, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Malay, and China and India against the background of its rich history. Mixed-race ethnic descendants between Malays and Chinese-Peranakan culture (also known as Baba & Nyonya), especially in language, costumes, cooking, coloring and decoration. It will be attractive to those who want to explore more about Melaka. With cute colors, unique Peranakan cuisine, and world heritage historical buildings, Melaka's unique charm will be last continues for a long time. So you'll want to go to Melaka over and over again!

Viewpoint 6: Expectations for land prices and property values ​​to rise Melaka, with the development of luxury hotels, houses, and shopping malls, land prices and property values ​​can be expected to rise. The development of each Malaysian developer is in progress. In additional, The Sail, developed by Sheng Tai International, which I would like to introduce this time, besides this, another large-scale development project Impression City developed by Yong Tai and completed Encore Melaka又見馬六甲 in the same area, opera stage productions. China's leading director, Zhang Yimou, who has been a successful director of the opera, has visited Melaka many times to complete the opera theater. It seems that it can contribute to increase in tourists every year. And Hatten City, developed by Hatten Group, is also underway. Melaka is changing every year. The aforementioned "good timing" means NOW is the timing. In Impression City and Hatten City, Melaka Gateway also is a huge project and it will take time to complete. The Sail is scheduled to be completed in 2025 and is likely to benefit from higher property prices in advance from The Sail!

What do you think? Has your impression of Melaka changed? It is also important to check the situation in the area around the property you are investing in!

Why Buy & Invest Embique Condotel for 5 Reasons [Reason 1] Malaysia's World Heritage Site-in Melaka, with a world-renowned address: Embique Condotel is located in the area of ​​Jalan Parameswara, on the same street as the Portuguese-built 16th-century Porta De Santiago (A'Famosa) Fort Santiago, a World Heritage city. It takes about 5 minutes by car and about 17 minutes on foot to get out. In addition, the main Dutch Square with a red brick-colored church (originally the church of Christ and now the history museum of Melaka), a Peranakans-style building, a flashy tri-show with deco, ST. PAUL CHURCH, the bustling Jonker Street shopping street, historic buildings and attractions are all close by. It's in the center of Melaka, so you can see its value.

[Reason 2] Supermarkets, restaurants and daily amenities, combined with CBD in the future: About 15 minutes by car to Aeon and Tesco, each restaurant and living amenities are also available. Close to banks, hotels, medical centers, hospitals, schools and development projects, including World Heritage Sites. For example; Encore Melaka Opera Stage, Complex Development Project Impression City, Melaka Gateway, The Sail, etc., close to the future Central Business District CBD.

[Reason 3] Expectations for the High Speed ​​Rail (HSR) between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore and tourist attractions: There are 4 stations (planned) from the high-speed rail HSR, Kuala Lumpur to Melaka, which will greatly reduce the travel time. It will be easier to reach from KL. The Malaysian government has set a target of 20 million tourists annually, and the travel industry is doing well and the medical travel industry is also being promoted. Travelers enter Melaka by sea, land and air, which are convenient access. It is no exaggeration to say that it is a spot where people gather.

[Reason 4] Designed by a British company, the elements of eco-friendly buildings and Melaka trees: Designed by the United Kingdom (MS & Partners), it is a building that embraces the rich history of Melaka and blends the natural beauty with the Melaka tree design. The owner wants to create a unique space by seeking a connection to the natural world while being environmentally friendly and eco-friendly. And we will introduce the first automatic parking system in Melaka! In addition, general contractors are also experienced contractors such as Hilton Hotel and Grand Hyatt.

[Reason 5]: Expectations of increased value and now full of benefits: Construction of each project is underway around. We are waiting for the announcement of the resumption of HSR for Impression City, Melaka Gateway, and high-speed rail. When each project is completed, there is a sense of expectation that the value will increase. Now that we have a special discount, we have a solid income gain plan, and we can expect future capital gains.

Take a look at the Charm Point of Embique Condotel: ―Freehold A valuable "permanent ownership" property in the center of Melaka ―Located in Melaka Town center ―Beside Unesco World heritage (1km) Only a few to World Heritage Sites ―1km Location (5 min to 10min to Hospital and School) Strategic location (5-10 minutes by car for hospitals, meals and shopping) ―Low density (only 152) 152 units, the lowest density project in the city center ―Fully Furnished including furniture ―Internationally awarded Designer An internationally renowned award-winning designer ―Revenue sharing (including common area) There is a profit sharing plan ―Professional condotel management Professional property management company ―Automated car park Melaka's first automatic parking system

What do you think. The property is still under construction and you cannot see the actual one, but you can see the showroom. Let's go see it together. The above "with profit sharing plan" means that there is a 10-year yield guarantee plan. Malaysia's World Heritage City-Don't miss the chance to have a property in Melaka!

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