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Malaysia Sea Firefly(Blue Tears)(Same place as Malaysia Sky Mirror)Day Trip Hot Spot from KL

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

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Blue Tears tickets are now on sale!!! Foreign adult 1 person RM50 ~

We are Introducing to Umihotaru companies (Malaysia's only tour company with a Sky Mirror license). Many people make reservations, including the travelers from Japan, Japanese residents living in Japan, and long-stay who have obtained an MM2H (long-term stay visa). Foreign adult 1 person RM50 ~. Children RM40 ~. We are accepting reservations at TABINIKO. See below for the Sky Mirror article:

GIF image provided : F Connect (

GIF image provided : F Connect (

Recommended Sightseeing Spots near KL, Kuala Lumpur  

Hello! Following the popular Malaysian version of Uyuni salt lake (SKY MIRROR), Umihotaru (Blue Tears) was discovered in a river in the same area, and it became a new tourist spot! Located in Kuala Selangor's SASARAN, about an hour and a half drive northwest from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia's Uyuni salt lake ---- besides the sky mirrors and fireflies, now Appreciation of the sea fireflies (Blue Tears) has also begun!!! It's a tourist spot that is relatively close to the center, so you can go there on a day trip! Departure from the same dock as Sky Mirror and Firefly.

Video from The Star Online.

What does it look like to watch Umihotaru (Blue Tears)? Watch the video above. It was interviewed by a local partner of TABINIKO and a local newspaper in Malaysia. Sea fireflies (Blue Tears) are commonly found on the beachside, but at Kuala Selangor's SASARAN, you can see them on the Selangor River, a river that joins the waters of the Straits of Malacca. Sea fireflies (Blue Tears) is first start from Kuala Selangor!

About Kuala Selangor Umihotaru (Blue Tears) Appreciation: The viewing time is about 45 minutes to 1 hour. Almost every day (planning), there are three time zones, which are held at 8pm, 9pm, and 10pm. It is said that Umihotaru (Blue Tears) can be seen more on the 1st day (first 1), 2nd day (first 2), and 3rd day (first 3) of the lunar calendar. The reason is that the night is darker at high tide. It's late at night, but it's interesting because you can see jewel-like light and it's a rare sight! However, you can only take pictures of Umihotaru with a high-precision camera.

Video from Malaysia Truly Asia.

Where is Kuala Selangor and what it looks like? I think there are some people who have doubts. Check out the introductory video above as well. It is a downtown area where many Malays (those who believe in Islam) living here. It has long been known as a place to watch fireflies and delicious seafood, so people in Kuala Lumpur take the trouble to drive for about an hour and a half to eat delicious seafood! You can enjoy fresh seafood in a village with many seafood restaurants! It's also one of the attractions of Kuala Selangor. Another highlight is that it is close to a place with a beautiful view of the rice field called Sekinchan, a local tourist destination that has been rapidly increasing in popularity recently. It takes about 30-40 minutes by car from Kuala Selangor to Sekinchan.

「Sightseeing information around Sky Mirror」(1) Please have a look! (2) will be released soon.

Aya Tips:

・As with SKY MIRROR, you can't go to see Umihotaru (Blue Tears) on your own without a contractor.

・Unlike SKY MIRROR, the staff does not help you to shoot. If you want to shoot Umihotaru (Blue Tears), please prepare a high-precision camera that can take pictures even in dark conditions.

・The cost of watching Umihotaru (Blue Tears) includes only the boat fee and insurance fee.

・The big sign "Mirror in the Sky" at the entrance of the dock (locally called Jetty) is a landmark. You can find out immediately by following the car navigation. Getting more excited ~(≧◇≦)

・For your safety, be sure to wear a life jacket. It takes about 45 minutes to arrive the Sky Mirror destination by boat! I personally don't recommend small children under the age of 5 as the boat jumps up and down and shakes considerably. Even children over 5 years old must be on board with an adult. LET ’S GO!

・There is a shower and toilet room at the dock (Jetty), so you can take a shower after watching if you want to.

・Sky mirrors and Umihotaru are very popular not only with locals but also with foreign tourists, we want to recommend this place!

・One foreigner (adult) is RM50. (The price is as of March 2019. Please note that the price may be revised.)

・We do not have Japanese staff, but if you are introducing through E & A WORKs & TABINIKO, we will accept questions in Japanese.

・Please note that the information will be in English and Chinese on the day of the event.

・Please reserve the seat with us as soon as possible as it is very popular. Depending on the date, reservations are full even one month in advance. In particular, many days are full on Saturdays and Sundays, so please contact us in advance if you would like to make a reservation on Saturdays and Sundays.

・If it rains and the ship does not depart, it will be canceled. In that case, the viewing fee of Umihotaru will be refunded in full or the date will be changed (If the ship departs, the viewing fee of Umihotaru cannot be refunded in full or the date cannot be changed) There is also. Please note that nature is the partner.

・When making inquiries, please tell us the number of people and the age of the children, if any. Please avoid on days when there is a flight.

Sea Firefly (Blue Tears) Selling Point 「Mysterious Blue Jewel at night」+ 「Blue tears」 + 「Because it is close to KL, you can go on a day trip」

Nearby information

Information about the area around Sky Mirror! There is also a recommended seafood restaurant where you can eat delicious food and play for a day!

Click here for reservations and inquiries → TABINIKO

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