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Sempah T-Farm (森芭梯田、センパー T ファーム)「Meal at the farm」in Bentong, Pahang (Bukit Tinggi area)

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

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Let's eat healthy food with freshly picked vegetables at a farm in nature! About 50 minutes by car from the city.

Hello. My name is Aya, a Japanese wife. When I live in the city, there are crowded with a lot of people every day, and the traffic jam also terrible, so I can't really relax. How about relaxing on the weekends and enjoying delicious vegetables in nature? A farm restaurant that is fun for children and recommended for families! It is a little-known spot that is popular with local Chinese and has not yet penetrated among foreigners. Besides the explanation of the farm from the owner, it is a menu full of hospitality for a wonderful lunch (including dinner)! It's no exaggeration to say that its Fine Dining is as good as eating at a fashionable restaurant, so I highly recommend it! This farm is located in the north of Kuala Lumpur city, and it is easy to reach from the city because it can be reached in about 40 minutes from Mont Kiara. Let's start a delicious food trip in the countryside!

If you order Lunch, before the lunch, they will have another session that to explain some knowledge of vegetables while going around the farm. The owner, Tim is wearing the white T-shirt shown in the photo below. It is very polite and easy to understand for children. The explanation will be in English or Chinese. Tim has been a culinary coordinator and vegetable grower for many years and is the owner of this farm. In addition to collaborating with a partner and opening up the farm to enjoy lunch, he want to teach children the smell, color, cultivation (including seed planting activities), names, etc. of the vegetables on the farm. He made "Sempah T-Farm". He wants people living in the city to enjoy the countryside and let his children play a lot at the farm. The first explanation session was in this place above, but during that time, all the kids are crazy. (The ones swimming in the pond are carp and small fish, and you can't fish. Local children were playing like this.)

~ Time schedule for lunch ~ 11:00 am – Welcome drink (Honey Lemon) 11:30 am – Farm description for kids 12: 00pm – Children's rural life experience (eg planting vegetables, content changes every time), free activities 12.30pm – Sempah T-Farm Special Course 14.30pm – End

The explanation was easy to understand because he will pick up the leaves of the vegetables and explain what kind of leaves they are. In the city, we often eat vegetables without knowing how to grow them, so both adults and children can study.

This is an appetizer. Even though it's an appetizer, this volume! The vegetable in the middle of the foreground was a bit spicy with sesame sauce-flavored vegetable pork slices and red pepper (red pepper that looks red), but the other dishes are almost not spicy, so it fits the Japanese taste. .. The dish on the upper left is sour seasoned cherry tomatoes and edible petals. These 4 dishes are still the appetizers, but you can enjoy how the tableware, and seasoning in a fashionable way! It's a waste to eat. It's amazing to see such a delicious farm restaurant in Malaysia! !! !! It feels like you've won the lottery to find this place!

Semper T Farm Course:

4 appetizers, bite noodles with ginger (using Benton ginger, Shokoushu if you like), freshly picked vegetable pot from the farm, simmered pork in rose wine, smoked salted chicken, steamed ginger fish (using Benton ginger), pumpkin sauce Fried tofu, simmered shrimp in coconut curry, fresh passion juice

The course is RM298 (minimum 2 people) for 4 people. Since it is calculated for one table, the amount of money per person will be cheaper if there are many people. For 4 or more people, there is an additional charge, and please see the charge at the end of the blog.

Benton's ginger and all-purpose onion are on top of the noodles, and you can sprinkle Shaoxing wine if you like. Shaoxing wine is quite strong, so ginger and all-purpose onions are enough to eat.

Vegetable pot. The soup is a good soup stock in a vegetable-only pot.

Boiled pork in rose wine. It tastes a little liquor and sesame seeds are on top of the pork, which is fragrant and delicious.

Smoked salted chicken. Smoked salty chicken. It's excellent!!